YOOO, hows life been since the end of the 3-a-day challenge? Boring? Nothing to read about more apart from the Metro or Evening Standard and let’s be honest we can all do with a little less serious news in our life’s, well please read below.

After a few weeks break and a lot of time spent watching Netflix and junk TV in the evenings, and instead of sitting down at my computer to edit photos and write these posts, Ive sat on the sofa just looking at my camera, Its now official I’m bored. Not bored of chilling out, just kind of board of not having something other than work to keep my brain ticking over, that’s why after a few brainstorming ideas, I’ve now set out on my next kind of photography adventure. The idea is simple take photos and try to connect with as many photographers as possible, plan and simple. The plans to now focus on black and white photography, seeing if I can take on my favourite form of photos and capture moments that most people would just walk past, helping to give you guys an insight to what happens over in the depths of East London. Its not all acid attacks and knife crime, we do really good food too.

I’m by no means a pro photographer looking to shoot the next cover of vogue magazine, I’m just that guy you see out walking the streets with a camera round his neck looking like he’s on a trip for the day, yea I’m that guy. My new means of connecting with people is going to be through Instagram, probably the most used photo sharing platform out there, the thought process was should I keep with my account or should I set up a completely new account and see where it takes me. I decided to set up a new account where its just photos I’m proud of and somewhere to constantly try to push my boundaries not interfere with pictures of the previous weekend.

Now comes the part where I spend ages finding a name, loving it and then finding out its taken and im not having a name like Love_Photography_1234. No. I want a name that is completely random but still has a pretty cool meaning and as I live in East London it was time to pull out the Cockney Rhyming slang dictionary and see what pops up, Apple and Pairs? Nope, Ruby Murray? Nope, all that obvious slang was too easy. Then I thought about what I wanted my account to stand for, I kind of what to inform people about London and especially East, kind of like the news, so I looked up “the News” in Cockney Rhyming Slang, and BOOOOM Wooden Pews, that’s the name. the logo you see below is kind of the first draft and I’m kind of happy with it for now but kind of imagine that it will probably get changed in the near future, I’m just all out of ideas and wanted to get something done so I could start this idea before I throw myself into work for the next three months. So If anyone is any good at design logos, I’m open to suggestions.

Wooden Pews, has kind of got a ring too it hasn’t it? and the best part is no one on Instagram has that name. My vision for the page is that I want it to be minimalistic and at the same time full of great content that I can do what ever I like with, no rules, no restrictions, just me and my ideas, not sure how dangerous that is, but I kind of like it that way. I also don’t really know how long I’m going to do it for but I imagine it will be a year, another 365 days posting, but this time how ever many times I want just not so much writing and don’t worry if you still follow me on here, I will be checking in probably every Sunday, and will probably share photos that I post that week on Instagram, kind of do like a weekly round up. But if I do start to go awol please don’t be afraid to tell me, mum / Dad. I’m kind of looking at you there, my number one fans.

So give me a follow so I don’t look like a complete loner @woodenpews. Ive also included below some photos that you can also see on my new Instagram. Its kind of exciting, I love this feeling of not knowing what will happen and seeing something hopefully grow.

Oh and yea if it does completely fail and turn out really cringy there’s a pub called the Sun tavern on Bethnal Green road, you’ll be able to find me there.

Heres some photos enjoy!

– the new logo, what do you think? any good?
– the future is here people! –
– victoria park, one of the best places in london –
– and some of the best chicken wings in london, if youve ever in shoreditch check them out! –
– this is the kind of shop window I like –
– im back guys and it feels good!


Yesterday evening Amy and me watched The Truth About Getting Fit, it was this show that showed you how to get fit, what exercises todo when your injured and also how to do different workouts each day that don’t take up a lot of time or even really cost any money. They talked about a type of training called HIT (High Intensity Training) which is basically just working out hard for a short amount of time. This is something that has grabbed our attention, we don’t really have a lot of time to get down to the gym and to be honest I don’t really like them.

So after watching that show I downloaded this app called 7 minutes, what it basically does is run a timer and tell you what workouts you need todo, like push up for 30 seconds then a 10 seconds rest and the squats for 30 seconds. all this is done in 7 minutes and you come away from it feeling so much better.

That takes us to yesterday morning, we decided to get up at 6:30am and head out to this really cool spot in Victoria Park right next to the lake and by this cool oriental looking building. this was the location for our first 7 minute workout and to be honest it was a really cool spot and was the perfect way to start the morning. I forgot how good it feels to workout early in the morning, and is something I want todo more of, last year I was running pretty much every day until my injury. Now Im I still have a problem with my leg I use it as an excuse, I need to stop that. I can still work out, I just need todo it differently. Swim, cycle and daily 7 minute workouts. thats the way forward.

Sorry I didn’t do it this morning Amy, but I had to many beers last night I think. I promise Ill do it tonight.

Heres my photos from yesterday. Oh yea and Amy cooked some amazing chicken last night, I have no idea what you call it but it had all the good stuff in it! broccoli, spring onions, chilli’s and fried chicken!!! Ill try and get the recipe off her today and Ill post it at some point.

– Yesterdays work out spot, could almost be somewhere in the countryside –
– see that building in the background, thats we the workout took place –
– Amys dinner, perfect for post workout food (i think) –

B283 – NOT AGAIN!!!!!

its now Friday and its mid day, im writing this post after one of those mornings that I think has destroyed me and also taken a big stress of my shoulders. It all started at like 7am this morning, I woke up and was kind of excited to get outside and start running again, not going fast or trying to beat my record but just to ran in the mornings around Victoria Park, its that time of day when its still a bit chilly but it feels fresh and everything think is just starting to wake up.

well that exactly that time and at exactly 0.62 miles into my run, I realised that my leg is still not fixed. I tried to carry on for another hundred meters but then remembered that I should listen to my body not that part of my head that tells me to man up and carry on. It was at that point that I decided its time to stop sit on a park bench and google groin stretches. I tried them all, and nothing it still hurts. so I’m pretty much back to square one, only this time I’m not on crutches.

I admitted defeat, and slowly walked home. where I ran a hot bath and tried to think of a way to sort this mess out, after a quick phone call to my mum and maybe a little tear, I decided to have a nap. I had officially been chewed up and spat out by life. Exercising to me is that one thing that no matter what your situation is it will always tell you the truth about your self, and make you work harder. not for money or a promotion but just to do better than what I did last time. thats whats most annoying about this situation, I create goals in my head for running, and now I cant reach them. I need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how I can get there. My main goal in running is to run an Ultra Marathon, I want to reach that target of running an 70 to 100 mile race and was kind of hoping in the back of my head that could be a 2019 thing. but now I really need to think about my body and options.

Sorry this post is a bit of my plabbering on and sorry if I sound like a hypochondriac recently, I just want to blame that all on the worst month of the year. January. It wouldnt have been write if there was some sort of sloppy post, and this is just going to be it.

heres some more photos from that gig the other day, its worth the post and I like them.

– looking forward to getting back to their next gig –
– playing the guitar with a index finger wrap up cant be that easy –
– Tayne Band, give them a listen –

B099 – the “Adult” part of the park…

After spending the whole of sunday on the sofa or travelling back from sevenoaks, I decided to go to victoria park and take some snaps for the sunset. I only wanted to go for an half an hour max, 2 and half hours later I walk through my door and still need to get ready for work. but I have got some absolute bangers, pretty happy with how they’ve turned out but still having focusing problems with my 5D, which is getting really annoying, time to buy a new camera I think.

apart from that nothing beats sunday no other day of the week is better. fact. mix victoria park in the sun shine with a sunday and you have the perfect place to be in London, that park has everything from pedalo’s, crazy golf and a 13ft vert bowl at the skatepark!

so heres my snaps, let me know what you think.

– Summer is in full swing, good effort on the bunting –
– this looks like a good chill –
– the “Adult” part of the park – 



So yesterday Anders and myself went out with the BMX to be the 15 year olds we used to be. after a good old session at the local skatepark we naturally ended up at the pub for a drink, which soon turned into 3, which of course turns into 5 (the last two weren’t with anders, he went to watch the boxing).

Any way check out the snaps.

– i’ve still got it –
– a snap by Mr A. Hayward –
– finished with a beer –