Yesterday was my sister birthday pic-nic, the big 30. Jesus. down at this place called the warren in Hayes, I literally feel like I just ran around the whole day and didnt really take any pictures, apart from a few of the birthday cake and trying to get  cool photo of the Nerf rocket coming towards the camera thanks for the help meg! but that didn’t work at all and I only ended up either missing the rocket or it just being out of focus.

but I think we can all say that the cake was pretty impressive, it was designed to look like a Mulberry bag, (my sisters favourite type of bag), I haven’t tasted any of it yet, but Im hoping someone saves me a slice. Esme if you reading this, please please please save me a slice.

anyway, its currently 6:30 Monday morning, I feel like Ive ran a marathon yesterday, so I’m going to keep this short and sharp. enjoy the snaps.

– Es’s birthday cake –
– the cuz taking a selfie –
– my photo of a nerve gun –


Some days you walk around for ages and dont see a single thing to take a photo of, yesterday was not one of those days. shoreditch had quite a few great moments and all I was doing was walking to and from a sport massage. I wasnt even out with the intention of taking photos, I just had my camera with me. But after I saw the bull dog lay down and refuse to my while his owner was clothes shopping, I knew saturday was going to be a good day. after that I was walking down the road and noticed a pin up girl standing at a window and BOOOM. But the photo that takes the win for today was when some one parked a car on a yellow line on Bethnal Green Road and spray painted the words “cheater” on the side. Someone had a very very bad day.

check out these snaps.

– someones having a bad day –
– girl got style –
– I know how this dog feels –


today I thought it would be a good idea to go out early morning around bethnal green / hackney and practice my sun flare skills, its my favourite camera technique and something that I really want to get prefect. obviously, using something like a 85mm prime lens really takes a sun flare shot to the next level and I’m hoping to get my hands on one of those next week, but for now my 24-105mm will have to do the job. I know you can add lens flare in photoshop but I want to learn how todo them in real life first before I use computer software.

my plan is to watch a tone of youtube videos on lens flare and see how I can improve, but for now heres a few photos I took this morning. I want to show these ones and then maybe tomorrow ill show you a few more that Ive done after watching some youtube tutorials.

-I’m liking the over exposed look –
– hackney road. 7am. –
– the sun raise was perfect this morning –


On my way into work today, I had a great idea. How far away from the office on my lunch break and can I take some good photos, eat lunch and make it back in an hour. So at 12:24 I ran out the office, stopping at sainsburys to get a meal deal and then on to the bus stop to jump on the first bus that came past 5 mintues later the 242 towards st pauls turns up. I jumped on it and quickly realised I was going the wrong way, heading towards Liverpool street, which if you know London has got to be the slowest road in London. not really ideal for seeing how far away I can make it.

So I jumped off and decided to walk to spitelfeilds market, the coolest place within walking distance of me, that’s when it started to absolutely chuck it down with rain, one of those weird moments when the heavens open and you just get soaked. not great for trying to take pictures of people out side.

Whole thing seemed two of paid off because I got a free Ribena from some promotion thing and also took a few cool photos. While I’m working in this office, I’m going to make it a weekly challenge, to see how far I can make it on my lunch break.

Today I made it exactly 1 mile away. So I would say this was a complete success and mixed up my normal routine of seeing how much I can eat on my lunch break,

– I need this guys set up –
– I should of sacked off the meal deal for this beuty –
– that hat is something special –


so im now 116 days into this 3 photos a day and a brief paragraph thing, and trying to come up with things to take photos of and write about after working a days work anit so easy. but today I though, I would write about rain, the brussel sprout of the eco system, everyone hates it, but if it was for rain, we would probably most definitely be dead. it clears out the Carbon Dioxide from the air, keeps plants alive, which then keep us a live.

So heres a few interesting facts about rain and if anyone has any ideas on things I should take photos of, then please let me know. Im in an office all day at the moment and need to start doing some exploring.

  • The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in 24 hours is 182.5 centimetres (71.9 inches) in Foc-Foc, La Réunion. This occurred during tropical cyclone Denise on January 8, 1966.
  • The highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in one year is 25.4 meters (1000 inches) in Cherrapunji, India.
  • Antarctica is the driest continent on Earth.
  • Under certain conditions, rain can fall from the sky without ever reaching the ground. It happens when rain falling from a cloud evaporates or sublimes as it approaches the earth’s surface.
  • rain has a smell. When raindrops fall on dusty or clay soils, they trap tiny air bubbles on the surface which then shoot upward – as in a glass of Champagne – and burst out of the drop throwing aerosols of scent into the air where they are then distributed by wind.
  • Raindrops are shaped more like hamburger buns. As a rain drop falls, it becomes less spherical in shape and becomes more flattened on the bottom like a hamburger bun.


– Norfolk rain the other day –
– this is a puddle –
– rain clouds, the sign of summer in the UK –


right I think we can all agree that tuesdays, should be a day of no work. its the one day each week, where you forget about the weekend you just had and still to far off to think about the weekend you have coming up. they’re just a day where you work, go home and get ready for Wednesday. I always try and mix a Tuesday up, to give it something a bit different, but yesterday I had nothing. I just worked, had a mini shoot half way though the day, which was a bit fun. So on my walk home, I decided to take some photos of cool shadows, that mix it up abit. see what weird shapes I could find, that normally you would just walk past, but with the light being so SICK in the summer, I wanted to use that to my advantage.

Heres a few snaps.

P.s my camera is still broken, I stuck the lens in a bucket of water to take some underwater pictures of crabs and now its got water damage, im hopefully buying a new camera on Saturday,

– the door to get out for my work, the beginning of my walk home –
-some alley way near bethnal green road, it looked cool so I stopped for a snap –
– I have no idea why I like this, but it does look pretty cool with the orange –


First I want to say that this film is not only amazing, its probably the best film I’ve seen in a long time, the sound track is unbeatable. What makes this film so sick though, is the fact it was edited by a guy called Paul Machliss, you’re probably thinking who the hell is that, but this guy was editing the whole film in real time on location from a mag liner, that’s not an edit suite in Soho with a constant flow of Pret coffee, organic lunches on some comfortable sofa. Its in the elements, dealing with corrupt files, ingest issues and the logistics of being on the move all from a MacBook Pro. You can’t forget to say thanks to his team of assistants, DIT’’s and probably his small army).

This was all because the director Edgar Wright didn’t want audio cues, he wanted the action to naturally fall to the beat. This is not a musical, this is just an action film full of music.

Machliss said “to not make it feel like a musical where everything is heavily choreographed. We didn’t want you to notice that someone puts a bottle down on a chair. It may happen to be on the beat, but we don’t want you to think we are waiting for that moment.”

Some people have slammed Edgar Wright for going to “Hollywood” and not making films like Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. But f@€k. those guys, he has just taken a massive risk in terms of editing a film and I think its paid off, did I also say that sound track is unbelievable.

I’m no film critic or even some sort of film expert, I just love the fact that is was a new way of editing a film and was literally a feature film made like a live music gig.

– there wasnt a poster in the cinema so I took a picture of my ticket –
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 10.03.41
– then I stole a screengrab of the post off google –
– and this is amy with the world largest coke –



B113 – I broke another camera

Being in Norfolk for the weekend has got to be one of the best ways to catch up on sleep, every time I come to Comer I swear I sleep. Its always a good laugh, yesterday we went for a little walk around Cromer, it’s a small sea side town that has everything you think a small sea side town has, from the amusement places to the small corner shops that sell those inflatable killer whales and bucket and spades.

When we went for a walk along the pier, it was famous for crab finishing. Well I though I might be able to stick my camera lens in side the bucket of water and get a close up shot of the crab. This did not work, in-fact it couldn’t of gone more wrong. I now have water inside my camera and can only take weird blurry pictures. So if you have a Sony WX350 don’t think there’s anyway you can take underwater photos, because the camera will break. so thats two camera’s in 6 months, not bad going.

In other news, Amy just got a new iphone, so I was giving that a try and testing out the camera. I agree with everyone else, this camera is really really good.

All the snaps below were taking on the Iphone 7.

– nothing says english holiday like this photo –
– cromer pier –
– no shop is better than this type of shop –


B112 – the clash, chuck berry and T. rex 

A bit of a tough one for Saturday, it was literally just a day off, going out for a meal and then grabbing a few pints in some country pub in Norfolk. Literally spent more time in Norfolk this week than in London for two completely separate reasons, but it is a pretty cool place so I can’t moan and nothing beats a English country pub in the rain! 

West Runton isn’t just any Norfolk town this place was once home to an amazing music venue, which was host to some great musicians including chuck berry, the clash and the sex pistols! But unfortunately they knocked this sick little piece of history down in 1986 but it has made way for a cool little country pub.

This weekend is all about eating food and doing nothing. 

– Amy on the way home after a few gin and tonics –
– the pub when it’s raining. Nothing beats it –
– what a legendary place, in a unsuspecting place –
– the pub now on the spot were chuck berry and the clash was took over –


Friday was a sick sick day, firstly I was approved by America for a working visa, so now I can go across to ya’ll across the pond for a catch up. other than that, shoreditch did not disappoint yesterday, everywhere I looked there was just something cool or weird happening, this guy sun bathing and then the guy on the motor bike who pulls up next to him was perfect time, I would love to of know what they said to each other, but I think the photo says enough.

For a friday which is normally about rushing to get home and go crazy, yesterday it seemed like everyone one was in cruise mode, from the motor bikers to the cyclists. everyone was just enjoying the summer.

Heres a few snaps from Friday, enjoy.

– this photo is perfect –
– shoreditch street dogz –
– took a turning off venice beach and end up on kingsland road –