Yesterday was my sister birthday pic-nic, the big 30. Jesus. down at this place called the warren in Hayes, I literally feel like I just ran around the whole day and didnt really take any pictures, apart from a few of the birthday cake and trying to get  cool photo of the Nerf rocket coming towards the camera thanks for the help meg! but that didn’t work at all and I only ended up either missing the rocket or it just being out of focus.

but I think we can all say that the cake was pretty impressive, it was designed to look like a Mulberry bag, (my sisters favourite type of bag), I haven’t tasted any of it yet, but Im hoping someone saves me a slice. Esme if you reading this, please please please save me a slice.

anyway, its currently 6:30 Monday morning, I feel like Ive ran a marathon yesterday, so I’m going to keep this short and sharp. enjoy the snaps.

– Es’s birthday cake –
– the cuz taking a selfie –
– my photo of a nerve gun –

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