Yesterday Amy and me had the family come round for some food and for a little catch up, I haven’t really seen any of them since my birthday which was like two months ago, so it was good to see them all, even Esme. 
It wasn’t all straight forward, amy and me had a lot of pressure planning today, from what everyone was going to eat ( I cooked a banging curry) to the most important thing the orange cushion that WE (Amy) had to get. 

Yesterday was the first time we played host to my family and I think I was a success, apart from being a bit short of cutlery and plates but who’s counting anyway.

I’ve normally always been the guy sat in the sofa drinking beers and watching TV so never really worried about what’s going on in the kitchen, I’ve just worried about what time it’s been served. My hat goes off to anyone that’s ever cooked a large meal I’ve eaten, it’s 100% pure stress. 

The cooking isn’t the stressful part, it’s the washing up that’s the stinger, you fill your face and then all of a sudden you’ve got a million plates and hundreds of glasses to wash up, and I don’t even have a dish washer, proper 1950s stuff. 

Anyway, it’s now 5am on Sunday and I’m up and out the door off to work, so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Here’s some shots from yesterday. 

– I know it’s weird for dogs to wear clothes but I think Mooney pulls it off –
– mum and flo haven’t a moment, or in reality. Mum trying to get flo to sit still –
– she was scared to the Xmas tree pines –


very weird post today, last night I was working a night shift and was expecting to walk home along this really cool canal at like 7am and I could take some cool photos early morning of the river and the canal boats, sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

well that kind of changed, I did work till late last night but instead of walking along the canal, I jumped in a taxi. it was still pitch black when I left and I wouldn’t of been able to take any photos with out a flash and thats something I didn’t have on me.

its all good finishing work early, but this had really put a massive hole in my plan for todays post, panic had now started to set in and my idea for todays post had completely gone out the window, and my photos are terrible.

What I ended up doing was taking some quick photos before and after my Taxi ride home, but this also went wrong when I only took two photos, now I’m completely screwed. so now I’m running around my flat trying to think of something to take a photo of, before I can to go out buy a christmas tree and then cook some food for my family to come round. So its a pretty busy day, but its started on completely the wrong foot, Ive just got to hope I can pull it back.

first stop is to try and find a tree and also really this is our last day to get an advent calendar, if we don’t get it today when we will be too late to the party and have to wait till next year. Ive missed it for the past few years and I will not miss it this year. any way Ive got about a million things todo before everyone arrives, so wish me luck and please don’t judge my photos, I will do a better job of photos today!

– this photo was taken out side of work, while waiting for a taxi –
– this was taken once I had got out my taxi. Welcome home Josh –
– this was taken about 2 minutes ago, once I realised I hadnt taken three photos yesterday –



Yesterday was the first time in ages that ive had “that friday feeling” and today being saturday morning I have that “horrible hangover feeling” but I cant stop and moan I have a proper ikea mission first.

Any way back to yesterday, it was a bit of a gamble to be honest, I had been stuck at my kitchen table all day working on my laptop, just getting stuff done, even though its a day not at work I try to treat everyday like a work day, other wise ill spend the time watching a Netflix series or something which is never good. my aim is to always be out of bed by 9am and always do something productive and yesterday was no exception apart from the afternoon bath, which by the way was amazing.

It got to around 4 / 5pm and I started to think about my plans for that evening, there was talk for Winter wonderland in hyde park, I was adamant that its still to early to celebrate Christmas so it was a No from me, I would just meet charlotte and stay in East London.

After a few beers and a few more phone calls, we are all on our way to Winter wonderland, who would of guessed! and what a great decision that was, I hadn’t seen a lot of the people there in ages and im not really sure what happened after the first hour or so it gets abit blurry. I do know how ever I eat way to much food, 1 hot dog, 1 Calzone Pizza and a Mcdonalds and some Pasta. What was I thinking, this morning I feel like ive put on about 2 stone and eat like 5000 calories in the space of 4 hours.

anyway here are my photos from last night.

– I think Aaron was happy to see me –
– just dave drinking from a bird bowl or maybe a water tap, im just not too sure –
– this is the perfect meeting place for anyone at Winter wonderland –


As some of you may know it was my birthday yesterday and I was given a Gopro from Amy. Since they came out Ive wanted to have my own Gopro, but just never got round to getting it. well yesterday Amy made that happen, so naturally all my photos yesterday were taken on the Gopro.

We weren’t jumping off cliffs or anything life that, just out of a family meal at some local pub near me called the white bear for a roast. fast forward 12 hours and im now sat on my sofa, writing this post, really wishing I had wrote it last night. Im in full Monday Morning mood, and need to pull myself off this sofa and actually get dressed.

Ive got one of those days again where an extra 3 hours fitted inbetween 2 and 3 O’clock would make a whole lot of difference to my day, but I suppose thats not going to happen so I just got to do what I can.

Back to the Gopro, this thing is insane. My main reason for like it, was because its basically josh friendly, I can drop it, submerge it underwater and it wont break. 95% of the time when my camera’s break its my fault, but now I really think this camera will be able to stand up to what ever I put it through. Im really looking till I can use the gopro for what its made for, capturing those crazy moments, that a normal camera cant or just doesnt get. maybe its time to finally learn todo backflips and see how they look on camera.

but for now its time to pull myself off the sofa, make myself look half presentable for work and head out the door and kick off those Monday Morning blues, otherwise I think Ill just end up sitting on the sofa watching netflix and not doing anything ever again.

Heres som photos I took yesterday with the Gopro. its not a 5D, but its definitely going to be fun to use.

– I love birthday cake –
– no idea how this happened, but I kind of like the effect –
– running round after flo trying to get a decided picture of her is not easy –


B147 – this weekend!

Back by the sea this weekend with loads of amy family for a little shin dig, so should be a good little bank holiday. nothing major really happening apart from loads of dog walking and a few beers. nothing beats an August Bank holiday, especially by the sea.

On a walk saturday we bumped into a mini car club drive thing down by Cromer beach, it reminded me how sick those little cars are, and now I kind of want an Old mini, I have no idea about cars but they are amazing. who needs a rolls royce, when you could have an old school mini.

Anyway, theres a load of prep that needs to be done before all of Amy’s family arrives so ill keep this short and sweet. I got a bunch of shallots to cut, so heres my photos from yesterday. enjoy.

(sorry for the spelling mistakes)

– this is Dexter –
– I want to drive in the mini club –
– this is a rock on the beach –

B134 – shes a monster!

Sundays are all about chilling out and not stressing, so thats what happened. we just went round to my sisters and chilled out in the garden with the monster aka my niece. becuase it was a pretty hot day, a decision was made to get the crazy daisy, its basically this fake plant that you attached a hose pipe too and it shoots water out round the garden, kids run around it nomrally and get wet. Not my Niece, she decides its more fun to point it at people and get them wet… made for some cool photos though.

Apart from that it was mainly chilled, the niece then decided to have a go on my camera and take some photos of her foot. shes got skills.

Heres a few snaps from yesterday.

– she got us good –
– the foot shot, waiting for the paddling pool to fill up –
– we actually sat and watched flies eat our picnic –


Yesterday was my sister birthday pic-nic, the big 30. Jesus. down at this place called the warren in Hayes, I literally feel like I just ran around the whole day and didnt really take any pictures, apart from a few of the birthday cake and trying to get  cool photo of the Nerf rocket coming towards the camera thanks for the help meg! but that didn’t work at all and I only ended up either missing the rocket or it just being out of focus.

but I think we can all say that the cake was pretty impressive, it was designed to look like a Mulberry bag, (my sisters favourite type of bag), I haven’t tasted any of it yet, but Im hoping someone saves me a slice. Esme if you reading this, please please please save me a slice.

anyway, its currently 6:30 Monday morning, I feel like Ive ran a marathon yesterday, so I’m going to keep this short and sharp. enjoy the snaps.

– Es’s birthday cake –
– the cuz taking a selfie –
– my photo of a nerve gun –

B100 – 100 DAYS STRAIGHT!!

today is a big day, to day is the day I reach the 100 days of this three photos a day challenge, so that means Ive upload at least 300 photos (some days Ive done more than three). The whole thing is starting to pick up momentum which is good and I’m starting to see some regular people like my page. you guys know who you are, so thank you!

But I though rather than just posting photos, I thought I would share a story, from before I was born and with a man I never met, my grandad Frederick Wrench. Back in the day this man work for the times news paper in the photography department, (just when people where trying to get in the whole 35mm film game), so this is probably where I get my techy geekiness from.

Well anyway my granny and him where saving for a new dishwasher, she was bored for doing it by hand and they needed to up there kitchen appliance game and a new dishwasher would of definitely have made the neighbours jealous, but one day Frederick spear came home with the new Kodak Retina Type ii (which is an amazing film camera), and had spent all the savings from the dishwasher on this new camera because as he saw it, he needed it, I dont think my gran was very happy but when you need something. you need it. what a legend!

Well, 60 years later I was given this camera by my gran, and took it for a spin around London, its not the easiest camera to work and without a light meter you’ve got to have a pretty good eye. so to know that back then he didn’t use a light meter and it was all just by judging the environment and take a great snap is impressive.

I never met this man but I definitely think this story has had an influence on me in some sort of way, to know he worked at the times in the photography department in the early days of photos and technology, is something that I think is pretty cool.

Anyway here some of his snaps and some of mine.

– my 100 post’s celebration –
– 2nd from the left Freddy Wrench, 3rd from the left Granny –
– my mum, love that hair cut –
– not sure if thats my mum or my uncle, I should of really found out before writing this –
– mum playing with the “smart phone” –
– Grandad wearing the camera, that I know have –
– no idea who or whats happening –
– the photo I took with the Kodak retina type ii-
– this is anders –
– Mezhyhirya Residence, Ukraine (he was the president, but got over run my rebels and he’s now is in hiding some where inside Russia) I was there last year to film a chocolate biscuit commercial… but thats whole different story –

B091 – she stole my camera!

waking up to a hyper 3 year old has got to be one the best things, when it happens only now again. But thats what happened today, I woke you at my parents house and was met by a energized three year old that goes by the name of FLO. after some standard hungover activites like throwing up and feeling sorry for myself. I was king of ready to start playing, but as soon as we pulled out the camera she was happy to take some snaps and bang my lens of the floor. After showing her how to take a photo and then letting her lose, she soon worked it out and we were taking pictures of my little ponies in no time.

Thank you canon for building a Flo proof camera!

Heres some of her snaps!

– this is her telling me what todo –
– my little ponies giving it some sass –
– Mooney (my dog) and the pony in full sunday mode –



So before my train yesterday I wanted to pop to st annes Square to see the memorial for those people killed at the concert a few weeks back, everyone was telling me how amazing it was, when I got there they had taken to the memorial down, the only thing left was a few flowers on the statue and some candle wax on the floor. it was properly raining, the type of rain that somehow only manchester can have.  But i still thought it was only right to leave some flowers and show some respect.



– a message left my manchester –
– this is me putting some flowers down –
– it was properly raining, so I used a shower cap to protect my camera –