For me taking a photo is just something that happens almost automatically, I see something and instantly go for my camera. I want to capture every moment; I want to find a frame in anything. From walking down the road and just seeing an opportunity to take a photo.

I’ve always enjoyed photography and always taken photos or made short films, in my teenage years it was BMX videos or music videos of my friends miming songs by Jamie T, (You know how you are!) Now its more life style photography, finding those funny everyday events which someone would walk past. I strive to capture those, from a man sunbathing on Shoreditch high-street or a Sea Gul steeling someone’s fish and chips on Brighton Beach, I’m always thinking of creative ways to show how people live.

Since 4th April 2017 I started a little photography challenge to upload and write about three photos each day, it can be anything at all, with no fix genre or style. Just taking photos and writing. I hope you enjoy this challenge and let me know what you think.