Welcome, to what I think I can now call my blog, this is where I’m testing out my photo skills and trying to capture as many moments as possible and yes, theres places like Instagram and Youtube  to do that but my vision is to create something different and go off the social media beaten track, where I can share my views, develop my photography style and improve my writing, without it filling up an already saturated platforms, which I do completely love by the way.

From April 2017 I started a challenge where I would post three photos a day for 365 days documenting every single day, I started with the idea of just taking photos and challenge my skills, but little did I know that my writing would then become something that I would need really work on, so I gave my self the added pressure of writing 300 words. Naturally there’s been some pretty embarrassing spelling mistakes and pretty bad paragraphs but slowly I started to enjoy every aspect of the “blogging life”

Now instead of letting all that go to waste and just spend those extra two hours a day watching junk TV and eating pizza, I’m going to start the next chapter, I’m still not sure what that is exactly but I suppose its just got to be based around doing what I love and that’s creating content and playing with camera’s. So for the foreseeable future, this is just a place where I’m going to post photos and write about stuff that will probably never effect your life in any way

(oh and yes I did write in my last post of 3-a-day that I had a cool idea in the pipe line but at the moment they are still on the paper, seeing if what I want to do is even a good idea)

Keep checking in, and let’s see what happens.