Today we had my grandad’s funeral, its days like this which aren’t always the easiest things to include in this photo blog thing, but I suppose its just what happened today and I have to write something to go along with the photos. Firstly I think you’ve got to give my nan credit where credits due, it was a pretty good day and she definitely pulled it out the bag with regards to the organising, it must have been a pretty hard emotionally to sort out but she did it with flying colours.

My plan for today was not to photograph any of the actually funeral that probably wouldn’t of been ok, but my dad asked me to grab some photos of the wake so that was my opportunity to grab some nice shots. One of the highlights has to have been the Portuguese cream Tarts which were Grandads’ favourites, so that being the case I got a good photo of my nan and dad having a little toast with a cream cake. Its those moments that I like to remember from the days like today.

What you have to like about funerals is they are kind of highlight packages of someones life, people come together and talk about all those good moments and times that have defined the kind of life that was lived. Today we heard old friends and close family talk in such a nice and genuine way about how he had shaped their lives and how proud friends of 30 or 40 years were to have known him from his work ethic to how he and my nan raised three children. He always wanted the best for all of them and had the determination and structure to make sure that they grew into respected adults and in turn gave my dad, aunty and uncle the tools needed to kind of shape all the gran children into the people we are today, so I think I can say from all of us “kids” cheers gramps. Oh and thanks for the pocket watch.

I wish you could have seen us all grow into adults and join us on this weird journey that people call life, but that wasn’t the case. You were loved by many and will be missed by us all.

Peace out.

– cheers with a Portuguese Cream Tarts –
– Not sure what Phoebe was saying but i’m sure Michele got the jist of it –
– its only right that when in the New Forest you get a photo with a horse –
– not sure who this lady was but she wanted a photo with the red lion, I was happy to make that happen –



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