B112 – the clash, chuck berry and T. rex 

A bit of a tough one for Saturday, it was literally just a day off, going out for a meal and then grabbing a few pints in some country pub in Norfolk. Literally spent more time in Norfolk this week than in London for two completely separate reasons, but it is a pretty cool place so I can’t moan and nothing beats a English country pub in the rain! 

West Runton isn’t just any Norfolk town this place was once home to an amazing music venue, which was host to some great musicians including chuck berry, the clash and the sex pistols! But unfortunately they knocked this sick little piece of history down in 1986 but it has made way for a cool little country pub.

This weekend is all about eating food and doing nothing. 

– Amy on the way home after a few gin and tonics –
– the pub when it’s raining. Nothing beats it –
– what a legendary place, in a unsuspecting place –
– the pub now on the spot were chuck berry and the clash was took over –

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