B113 – I broke another camera

Being in Norfolk for the weekend has got to be one of the best ways to catch up on sleep, every time I come to Comer I swear I sleep. Its always a good laugh, yesterday we went for a little walk around Cromer, it’s a small sea side town that has everything you think a small sea side town has, from the amusement places to the small corner shops that sell those inflatable killer whales and bucket and spades.

When we went for a walk along the pier, it was famous for crab finishing. Well I though I might be able to stick my camera lens in side the bucket of water and get a close up shot of the crab. This did not work, in-fact it couldn’t of gone more wrong. I now have water inside my camera and can only take weird blurry pictures. So if you have a Sony WX350 don’t think there’s anyway you can take underwater photos, because the camera will break. so thats two camera’s in 6 months, not bad going.

In other news, Amy just got a new iphone, so I was giving that a try and testing out the camera. I agree with everyone else, this camera is really really good.

All the snaps below were taking on the Iphone 7.

– nothing says english holiday like this photo –
– cromer pier –
– no shop is better than this type of shop –


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