B152 – biggest trip of my life

today is the last friday before I leave london for a massive trip filming somewhere in canada and the states, im not really 100% sure yet but apparently but flights have been booked, im leaving on Sunday.

so yesterday was all about getting ready for this trip, buying some last minute essentials and make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. What im thinking is on this trip, was every day I might not be able to take photos on my 5d, upload them to my laptop edit them and then write about them on here, the whole process is normally about 45 mintues from when I start to when I finish. some days it might just be a case of taking some iphone snaps and doing it on my phone, which isnt the worst idea, but yesterday was quite a good test for me todo, in the idea of taking some quick snaps when I get the chance and then having the content there for me to write about when ever I can.

One thing I promise you, is I will still be posting everyday, I have no idea what time, but it will be every day. with me probably being in quite a few different time zones, I think it would be impossible to post at 10am GMT every day, it might just be better if I post at 10am where ever I am. my plan for Sunday and Monday is to have those posts lined up before, so my first post would be in Tuesday, which should give me time to take some bangers and also see about time differences and how I can still post for the mornings in the UK, instead of like 11pm GMT.

anyway this post isn’t really a fun one, its just me apologising in advance for properly some really unorganised posts.

(sorry for the spelling mistakes)

– walk away from the light –
– this pizza deserves a review – I paid 70p for a small tub of sauce, after I paid £18 for 4 slices of pizza , review on its way when Im back –
– ignore the lamp post, I didn’t see it when I took the photo –


Friday was a sick sick day, firstly I was approved by America for a working visa, so now I can go across to ya’ll across the pond for a catch up. other than that, shoreditch did not disappoint yesterday, everywhere I looked there was just something cool or weird happening, this guy sun bathing and then the guy on the motor bike who pulls up next to him was perfect time, I would love to of know what they said to each other, but I think the photo says enough.

For a friday which is normally about rushing to get home and go crazy, yesterday it seemed like everyone one was in cruise mode, from the motor bikers to the cyclists. everyone was just enjoying the summer.

Heres a few snaps from Friday, enjoy.

– this photo is perfect –
– shoreditch street dogz –
– took a turning off venice beach and end up on kingsland road –