So I’ve got to get up pretty early tomorrow, so my plan is to get this post done the night before. Im also most certain if I leave it up to tomorrow morning then I guarantee that I wont get it done in time. The photos I took today were all about Landscape, I had to take the dog for a walk up to the local pet shop so decided that we would take a bit of extra time and get some photos from the top of the grove looking down on where my parents live. Whats so good about this time of year is the way that all the colours look faded and its just as if every where is kind of getting ready for the summer, its crazy that in a month this will all be green and summer will be round the corner. but this season is just as good as the summer season.

What ive realised about doing something like this is that everything is getting easier, I’m finding enough topics to photograph and the writing is definitely getting better. you guys probably cant see my writing improving as its still pretty terrible, but 294 days ago we would have been lucky if I could spell my full name correct on the first attempt.

As im getting closer to that big 300 day mark, Im starting to think about what I was like on day one and where I am today and how my camera the Canon 5d II has really been the best thing Ive ever brought, its not the newest camera out there but for a camera thats got over 110,000 shutter count it just refuses to give in and still surprises me how good it is, the cameras been knocked about, how with me on drunken pub crawls and had its fair share of close encounters with the floor. and yet it hasn’t let me down once, If you are thinking about learning with a camera, go about buy a 5d II, it wont let you down and has enough settings to help you to always improve as a photographer.

And now Ive reached that point where im starting to think about my next camera and what I should go for, as some of you are aware im on the waiting list of the new Leica, but theres a few other cameras that I cant decide between. I want a camera that I can film slow mo on just as well as I can take photos with, so maybe the Leica isnt my best option, maybe its time I got a Sony A7R or something. I suppose I wont know until im in the shop and have the cash.

Anyway, here are my photos from today. Enjoy

– the colours this time of year are so fun to photograph –
– looking down on the Grove –
– right place at the right time, the sun was breaking through the clouds just as I got there –


I know Canada is this wild place but somethings I wont believe till I see them and wild deer and stags walking around the streets like some 13 year old are one of them. Just as we arrived at location this morning two deer have poked their heads out from behind a car and just casually started walking down the road.

I literally jumped up to grab the big lens but after a few seconds of trying to find it, I decided to settle for the 24-105. I never thought in a million years that these things would be roaming around the streets and not scared of humans or cars, over here they just don’t care. When you start the morning with seeing deer walk around the town you know its going to be a good day and to be honest it was, filming went smoothly and we managed to get back on schedule. its weird now becuase after this location its back to London and im starting to think of all the things ill do when I first get back to my flat and honestly I cant wait.

Amy if your reading this please make sure their is yorkshire gold tea bags and some fresh milk, I havent had a proper cup of tea in a month.

Next to location on the way back from grabbing some supplies this morning, I noticed this really cool foot bridge which looked like it went on for miles, so I decided to stop off quick and take some photos, when I got there it was like something out of a movie, these guys live on the river, but have done it in kind of pirate style, they have turned their boats into raft kind of thinks with other boats and have like this little community out on the lake. just floating around, unfortunatly I only had a 20mm prime with me so could get any close up shots but I still think I made it work. My plan is to wake up extra early tomorrow and go and get some early morning photos. lets see if that works out or if I snooze my alarm again.

heres my snaps, I uploaded 4 because I felt like it was a good idea.

B176 (1 of 1)
– this deer is Jay walking –
B176 (1 of 1)-2
– its so weird seeing them just walk round the streets –
B176 (1 of 1)-3
– canadian pirates –
B176 (1 of 1)-4
– this is that long foot bridge that goes on for miles (i think) –

B134 – shes a monster!

Sundays are all about chilling out and not stressing, so thats what happened. we just went round to my sisters and chilled out in the garden with the monster aka my niece. becuase it was a pretty hot day, a decision was made to get the crazy daisy, its basically this fake plant that you attached a hose pipe too and it shoots water out round the garden, kids run around it nomrally and get wet. Not my Niece, she decides its more fun to point it at people and get them wet… made for some cool photos though.

Apart from that it was mainly chilled, the niece then decided to have a go on my camera and take some photos of her foot. shes got skills.

Heres a few snaps from yesterday.

– she got us good –
– the foot shot, waiting for the paddling pool to fill up –
– we actually sat and watched flies eat our picnic –


As im writing this post, its raining not just a bit its actually chucking it down, yesterday it was boiling hot, today its completely changed. My first idea for this post was to show some photos of the rain and maybe a few puddles around london, but I thought screw that im going to show some good weather and live in the past rather than face facts that London will never be the Mediterranean.

I even read an article the other day that said because of global warming, that Europe will experience cooling, meaning our summers will be even shorter and the winters a lot longer! This is becuase of the greenland Ice caps melting and the gulf stream, so in fact the cold air will be pushed into the golf stream and basically turn Europe into a fridge freezer.

for those of you who are equially suprised that I’ve read an article here’s ya proof.




Back to the good news, here some photos of a proper sunny day in London.

– this could be a scene from Nottinghill –
– just a photo of a tree –
– I quite like this one –




I thought today I would address the weather situation at the moment. One minute its sunny the next its raining, you cant win. I know this happens every year around this time, but this is the first time Ive taken photos to prove it. most of you are probably thinking. “well, this is 2 minute’s ill never get back” and your right. but I needed to post pictures today so I went down this root.

– anit no summer round here – 
– here we go england, get ready – 
– hold your horses, here comes the down pour – 



DAY 4 of living on a sofa and right now I just need so of that good stuff, fresh air.  yesterday I made it out for a bit and thought i would see how far I could make it into the woods, turns out not that far. Anyway, there was another banging sunset last night, which I think is worthy of another snap.

– decent sunset –



So yesterday, I was in camden being an absolute tourist which is something im not proud of but it does have its perks. After walking around for hours We (amy and me) ended up at London Zoo possibly the most expensive entry fee this side of ibiza, £30 per person. So I canned off all the other photos I took to show you three pictures of the monkey’s.