B134 – shes a monster!

Sundays are all about chilling out and not stressing, so thats what happened. we just went round to my sisters and chilled out in the garden with the monster aka my niece. becuase it was a pretty hot day, a decision was made to get the crazy daisy, its basically this fake plant that you attached a hose pipe too and it shoots water out round the garden, kids run around it nomrally and get wet. Not my Niece, she decides its more fun to point it at people and get them wet… made for some cool photos though.

Apart from that it was mainly chilled, the niece then decided to have a go on my camera and take some photos of her foot. shes got skills.

Heres a few snaps from yesterday.

– she got us good –
– the foot shot, waiting for the paddling pool to fill up –
– we actually sat and watched flies eat our picnic –

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