Last night I was in that situation were I need to take three photos but all im doing is going to Sainsburys to buy a wok and some rice noddles. Lucky amy was doing the double demin look, apparently thats were you wear a denim top and jeans. So I asked her really nicely if she would let me take some portrait snaps.

I watch that documentary on the photographer Platoon the other day, and it got me all rev’d up to put some energy into portrait photography. if you haven’t seen it head over to Netflix and watch the series called Abstract its unbelievable. its basically about this guy called Platoon, who takes portrait photos of some of the worlds most influential people, including the legend Barack Obama and the Russian dude Putin but its more about his style of photographs, give it a watch I promise you wont be disappointed.

Any way, yea I took some cool photos of Amy last night on the way to Sainsbury’s, but if theres anyone else out there who wouldnt mind me practising my photo skillz on them, let me know. I want to get better at it!

heres my snaps from yesterday.

– Amy “hurry up and take the picture –
– I dont know how the snap turned out this way, but I like it –
– her face after my sunglasses just went flying across the park –

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