B161 – Downtown

this morning a lot of time was spent filming down town, which meant we got to see what life is like in proper Downtown. and to be honest on a Sunday its pretty quite. aperently Goldboro is in the Bible belt, which means strict religious rules, like church on Sundays, no alcohol and all shops are shut. That basically meant we had the town to ourselfs, which was actaully pretty weird, the only other people there were the curious locals watching us, or the one lady who came up and asked “what is that?” while pointing to the camera…

North Carolina has been a tough few days and tomorrow we leave for the next destination, im looking forward to eating some organic food. its tough eating processed food all the time. one question I have for anyone reading this for the south, why are you using polystyrene plates and cutlery to eat? that stuff is bad for the environment and must cost you a fortune! some people east every meal off of polystyrene? why?

I dont want to moan but that is a crazy amount of extra waste, just use china like the rest of us and wash up after. trust me its not that much more time consuming and means you can re-use your plates. I will happily send anyone a link to cheap cutlery if you need help finding it. 70 polystyrene plates are $18, now that will last 2 people a month, or you could by 6 china plates for $30 and they will easily last you a year. and thats 3 each.

on a lighter topic, today I saw my first proper american motor cycle gang unspoken sons, at first they scared the hell out of people and one of them even looked like he was going to kill me or something, the president even introduced himself as Nasty, which didn’t make me to confident but after a quick google this evening I realised that they are actually a massive support of Children’s charities. so I think I’m pretty safe.

Heres my photos, hope you like them.

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– the unspoken sons MC, president a man called Nasty –
161 (1 of 1)-3
– downtown goldboro after church –
161 (1 of 1)-2
– a pick up truck cruising through town –

B124 РIt took forever 

Northumberland to London: 9 hours 30 minutes. this should not of taken this long, but because of one phone call our day got a lot longer. while stopping at a service station somewhere near Sheffeild, we were asked to go to Norfolk and shoot some more sequences last minute. So pedal to the metal and we are now driving over to Norfolk, only to get there and for it to be canned. but lucky we stopped near a McDonalds, which made the whole de-tour, I have to say it was probably the best Mcflurry Ive ever had.

Back in London now and on my way to work. I definitely think I should of been brought up on a farm somewhere with a quad bike and a dog called Boris. but London’s good for now and having phone signal is definitely a plus.

– theres worst breakfast spots –

– I do love a traffic jam –

– 1 hour 40 minute detour for a McDonalds, anit too bad –


As im writing this post, its raining not just a bit its actually chucking it down, yesterday it was boiling hot, today its completely changed. My first idea for this post was to show some photos of the rain and maybe a few puddles around london, but I thought screw that im going to show some good weather and live in the past rather than face facts that London will never be the Mediterranean.

I even read an article the other day that said because of global warming, that Europe will experience cooling, meaning our summers will be even shorter and the winters a lot longer! This is becuase of the greenland Ice caps melting and the gulf stream, so in fact the cold air will be pushed into the golf stream and basically turn Europe into a fridge freezer.

for those of you who are equially suprised that I’ve read an article here’s ya proof.




Back to the good news, here some photos of a proper sunny day in London.

– this could be a scene from Nottinghill –
– just a photo of a tree –
– I quite like this one –



B040 – Krystle Wright is worth checking out.

I promise is this the last time you will hear about my leg, but today I’m sat on the sofa again. today I’ve been looking at a photographer’s website I’ve been following for a while her name is Krystal Wright and her pictures are unreal. ¬†I heard about her a documentary on Netfilx called Tales Between The Light and since then I’ve followed Krystle and properly liked all of her photos. she is definitely doing some cool shit right about now.

I thought today I would show you some of her pictures as Im not able to get out an take any and don’t think you want to see more biggin hill sunsets and green trees.

go and check out her website: http://krystlewright.com/

She’s also on instgram as: krystlejwright

B040-1 KW