With the internet being somewhere I am posting about everyday of my life for a whole year its hard not to reveal things, but there is definitely one topic that is forbidden and will not be spoken about in public or private, in fact its probably my biggest secrete, its something which I feel needs to be left between maybe my closest friends and family.  Ive been doubted and belittled by many and mis understood by a few but one thing is for sure, they may take the piss but they will never take my pancake recipe!!

And then once a year we have a whole day dedicated to this amazing dish and then because tradition dictates, we then get to throw them round our kitchens till we’ve run out of lemon juice and sugar. Im not sure on a lot of things but one thing I know for a fact is that no matter what you go through as soon as you throw that little sizzling mixture of carbs and dairy in the air, nothing else matters, you know you just need to nail the landing, no half flips, no folds, just land the pancake the other way up and you have successfully achieved what probably half the country will fail todo.

its a human right to have a great pancake day and enjoy the fruits of our labour, everyone should have the right to a “flippin” good night and I hope that everyone got in the sprite and showed that shrove Tuesday is something which makes Britain Great. We are a country of culture and diversity and a love for Pancakes. that should be celebrated and enjoyed indulged. So please think of thy neighbour on this holiest of days and celebrate the wonderful thing of flipping pancakes in a kitchen, just don’t try and copy my recipe.

– Amy doing a flippin good job –
– I will never reveal my recipe –
– the early morning call time yesterday, up and out the door by 6am –


its here, that time I never thought would come. I put it to the back of my head and tried not to think about it, im talking about the time of year when it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon. today I spent the whole day in an office, I know I said I would try and get out of my lunch hour and some cool kind of project but I wasn’t expecting 6pm to come around so quick. and then I left work and it was  pitch dark and I hadnt taken a single photo. lucky I had a quick thought and decided to run with it so here I am.

Positive thoughts josh Positive thoughts.

This time of year is pretty good for taking photos late at night, for one reason everyone looks like a character from some 1940’s black and white film. its a mixuter between the winter clothing like a long jacket, hat or dark clothing together with the lighting or really lack of light which creates these cool silhouettes as people walk or cycle along the road. I think its because all of a sudden a random office communter on their way home to sit on the sofa and eat a packed of chocolate digestives now looks like some under cover detective casing out a suspect or they look like the suspect and move around in the dark to go unnoticed. taking all this in mind when walking home my goal was to try and get a photo of what I thought the detective, the suspect and then “the guy caught up in the middle of all this” would look like.

I have no idea if this makes sense to anyone readings this but it makes sense in my head and thats kind of all that matters right. I know it helps if I get my point across but as long as you like my photos thats all that really matters.

– the detective –
– the suspect –
– the guy caught up in all this –


I’m sat on the plane from Chicago to Vancouver, the TV’s don’t work and that’s something I hadn’t planed for, so now I’m trying to think of cool ideas instead of just looking at the head in front of me and listening to the only album I have on my phone.
One idea I came up with for today post, is to create an instagram story @joshfspear of some cool photos of my journey from Chicago airport to my hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. As today is literally just a travel day and nothing else, its hard to find cool stories and develop a meaning or idea behind the post, so I thought I would take you on the travel day with me and show you some of the cool things Ive seen along the way.

– Vancover to Victoria –

Air Canada have also lost some of our camera gear so its now looking like im going to be staying awake until it arrives sometime tonight. Apart from that, today has been a pretty good day and ended with us taking a small plane across the sailors sea from Vancouver to Sidney at golden hour which was unbelievable. I was speaking to a guy on the plane and he was talking about the food and wild life in this part of town so now im pretty excited to see what this place has to offer. that plane journey was one of those where I will look back in 10 years time and think how cool it was, from see where salt water meets fresh water to the barges pulling logs along the rivers to paper factories. it was all just like another world.

– the best flight I’ve been on in a long time –

We are only here for a few days but I will make those few days worth it. But we are now off to a flying start with a beer and pancakes from Dennys.

– I like this part of Canada already –

If you’ve got some time go and check out @joshfspear on instagram and have a look at my story of the trip, its got some pretty cool photos. I think I’m going to do more stuff like this and now I’ve done one the ideas are coming to me.

Im not sure if any of this makes any sense, Ive been awake for way to long and all over the place, but I hope you get the gist. I’ve been writing this as the days gone on.

B100 – 100 DAYS STRAIGHT!!

today is a big day, to day is the day I reach the 100 days of this three photos a day challenge, so that means Ive upload at least 300 photos (some days Ive done more than three). The whole thing is starting to pick up momentum which is good and I’m starting to see some regular people like my page. you guys know who you are, so thank you!

But I though rather than just posting photos, I thought I would share a story, from before I was born and with a man I never met, my grandad Frederick Wrench. Back in the day this man work for the times news paper in the photography department, (just when people where trying to get in the whole 35mm film game), so this is probably where I get my techy geekiness from.

Well anyway my granny and him where saving for a new dishwasher, she was bored for doing it by hand and they needed to up there kitchen appliance game and a new dishwasher would of definitely have made the neighbours jealous, but one day Frederick spear came home with the new Kodak Retina Type ii (which is an amazing film camera), and had spent all the savings from the dishwasher on this new camera because as he saw it, he needed it, I dont think my gran was very happy but when you need something. you need it. what a legend!

Well, 60 years later I was given this camera by my gran, and took it for a spin around London, its not the easiest camera to work and without a light meter you’ve got to have a pretty good eye. so to know that back then he didn’t use a light meter and it was all just by judging the environment and take a great snap is impressive.

I never met this man but I definitely think this story has had an influence on me in some sort of way, to know he worked at the times in the photography department in the early days of photos and technology, is something that I think is pretty cool.

Anyway here some of his snaps and some of mine.

– my 100 post’s celebration –
– 2nd from the left Freddy Wrench, 3rd from the left Granny –
– my mum, love that hair cut –
– not sure if thats my mum or my uncle, I should of really found out before writing this –
– mum playing with the “smart phone” –
– Grandad wearing the camera, that I know have –
– no idea who or whats happening –
– the photo I took with the Kodak retina type ii-
– this is anders –
– Mezhyhirya Residence, Ukraine (he was the president, but got over run my rebels and he’s now is in hiding some where inside Russia) I was there last year to film a chocolate biscuit commercial… but thats whole different story –