Its that day of the year again, Valentines day. What I like about this day is that everyones exceptions are so different is unreal, not like christmas where if you don’t spent every last penny in your bank they your a scrooge. No, Valentines day is more of a decision between partners on what is an acceptable gift, for Amy and me its simple, this year we got a card each, I splashed out on a pen that had a dog stuck on the top and then we sat on the living room floor watch classic movies, eating Sushi and drinking Prosecco.

Thats probably about as valentines day vibes as the flat gets and to be honest it was kind of just right, there was no going to expensive restaurants, where i have to wear a shirt and Amy nearly has to break an ankle in shoes which are way to high for her hips. we just took it easy this year. Im not really sure where Valentines even comes from to be honest, I really feel like maybe a card factory has too many blank cards left over from Christmas and just decided to create a day to help get rid of them, but what i do know that it kind of is important to spend a day with your partner having fun and just enjoying the company and maybe Im being naive but thats just kind of something that happens most days in Flat 315. Amy is definetly going to read this and think that Ive reached the highest level of “cringe” there is, but im sure she will build a bridge and get over it.

Anyway thanks for a really fun evening amy and im sorry that instead of carrying on, im now laying in bed writing this post because again I have to be up really early and wont be able to get this post done in the morning but much love mush and happy valentines!


– cheers to another valentines together –
– take away sushi, what is better on a day like todo –
– this photo is from my lunch time walk today, how cool is east london –


this is my 200th blog post, 200. thats how many days Ive done this in a row without a day off, thats at least 600 edited photos (some days I post more if its been a good day) and that with an average of 350 words per day thats a total of 70,000 words!! how many words is a distinction again, I cant remember? but I think its fair to say even though Ive written roughly 70,000 words, those people with a degree are still probably smarter than me.

When I first started this blog post challenge I was always thinking what I would do when I got to the 200 post mark, and for ages I thought I would have a cake and launch some fire works out of it or something, I definitely didn’t think I would be working in America and writing this post in Florida, I only really remembered that it was the 200 mark, yesterday when I saw it was B199.

Now this is a bit of a double celebration, because since I injured my leg 164 days ago, running a half marathon where completely screwed the tendon that connects my quad to my hip and basically had to learn how to use that leg again, I’ve been on a diet of burgers, pizza and beer. Well today was the end to that era and because I got up early and ran 5 miles before work. My time 45:13, which is an OK time but as Amy says its not about the timings at the moment, its just about getting back to how I was but Im pretty happy with the time and comparing it to my fastest 5 miles, Ive only got to shave like 2 minutes per mile off my time, which is completely do able.

The way I celebrated my success at reaching 200 post and running 5 miles was by doing the best thing anyone can ever do after running in 23 degree heat and thats by jumping in a cold pool straight after, our hotel has a pool and well, theres nothing like that feeling, made better by the fact I ran in some old trainers where my toe pokes out the end. so taking them off by the pool was probably the highlight, my feet where dead, but in a good way, they deserved every second of pool time.

Im now eager to get back out running but know that I need to take it slow, but I think if I set myself a goal of running 10 miles a week for the next month or so and then see how I feel after that, plus a few physo sessions in between, I should be OK.

Anyway heres some photos from my run today! todays been a good day, because it feels like I have completed two massive personal goals Ive had for a long time! and in a pretty cool part of the world!

– Left: my person best – right: my time today, ok for a first proper distance run since my injury –
B200 (1 of 1)-4
– this photo was taken from inside the pool because I can and it felt right, those £45 trainers have done me well and still have a few miles left in them –
B200 (1 of 1)
– nothing beats the early morning sun –
B200 (1 of 1)-3
– run past this, seeing old classic american cars in this state always makes me want to buy one and restore it – 

B100 – 100 DAYS STRAIGHT!!

today is a big day, to day is the day I reach the 100 days of this three photos a day challenge, so that means Ive upload at least 300 photos (some days Ive done more than three). The whole thing is starting to pick up momentum which is good and I’m starting to see some regular people like my page. you guys know who you are, so thank you!

But I though rather than just posting photos, I thought I would share a story, from before I was born and with a man I never met, my grandad Frederick Wrench. Back in the day this man work for the times news paper in the photography department, (just when people where trying to get in the whole 35mm film game), so this is probably where I get my techy geekiness from.

Well anyway my granny and him where saving for a new dishwasher, she was bored for doing it by hand and they needed to up there kitchen appliance game and a new dishwasher would of definitely have made the neighbours jealous, but one day Frederick spear came home with the new Kodak Retina Type ii (which is an amazing film camera), and had spent all the savings from the dishwasher on this new camera because as he saw it, he needed it, I dont think my gran was very happy but when you need something. you need it. what a legend!

Well, 60 years later I was given this camera by my gran, and took it for a spin around London, its not the easiest camera to work and without a light meter you’ve got to have a pretty good eye. so to know that back then he didn’t use a light meter and it was all just by judging the environment and take a great snap is impressive.

I never met this man but I definitely think this story has had an influence on me in some sort of way, to know he worked at the times in the photography department in the early days of photos and technology, is something that I think is pretty cool.

Anyway here some of his snaps and some of mine.

– my 100 post’s celebration –
– 2nd from the left Freddy Wrench, 3rd from the left Granny –
– my mum, love that hair cut –
– not sure if thats my mum or my uncle, I should of really found out before writing this –
– mum playing with the “smart phone” –
– Grandad wearing the camera, that I know have –
– no idea who or whats happening –
– the photo I took with the Kodak retina type ii-
– this is anders –
– Mezhyhirya Residence, Ukraine (he was the president, but got over run my rebels and he’s now is in hiding some where inside Russia) I was there last year to film a chocolate biscuit commercial… but thats whole different story –