After a night out that didn’t really finish till 5am, today was all about two things, food and Sunday vibes. once we had managed to get up and get dressed we decided to head to a proper greasy spoon and eat like we haven’t eaten before. After that the plan was to do something we havent done for ages and just walk around a cool part of town and explore, the destination was Notting Hill and mainly the Portobello road market. what I think both Amy and me like about this area is the colourful houses and cool shops, its a really cool area and somewhere I wouldn’t mind living.

To be honest if you forget about the area, it was just good chilling with Amy and taking photos of the day. We both have been non stop for ages and spending the day together was nice, even though I had to leave in the afternoon and travel to a hotel in kent and now im sleeping in a single bed. but hey, least we got to spent 24 hours together not talking about work and just having fun. So amy if your reading this with your morning cuppa tea, thanks for today and I just want you to know that I am now sleeping in a bed that my legs hang out of the end.

I took quite a few photos of today but I want to show you more tomorrow, I will probably write something more informative about Notting Hill but for now I just want to get a bit of an early night. One thing I did want to mention though is my camera settings at the moment, Im shooting with a lower aperture so my photos are on the boarder of being over exposed, but I quite like the look of photos that have information missing and thats kind of the style that im liking, over exposed and faded.

Heres my photos, enjoy.

– Notting hill, this photo kind of sums it up –
– the typical notting hill photo –
– I do love notting hill but I also love a greasy spoon in bethnal green –



this week im up north and to be honest you got to love the english country side, with tractors, sheep dogs and a good old fashioned english pub. Everytime I come to places like this I always think, I should pack my job up in London and move to the country life and just drive motor bikes, climb trees and not worry about politics, money and rush hour.  maybe ill give it a try one day and see how long I last before I miss the central line at 8am on a hot Monday morning. But for now I think these places are good to come to for work and to grab some clean fresh air before heading back into the craziness of central london!

another short and sweet post from me, but I need to sleep. Ive also got a really really cool idea of the website and sunday Ill show do it as well as my normal post. its going to change the game up alot!

but any way here some amazing views and cool photos from a really really busy days filming.

– you dont see that in London –
– its utterly butterly –
– what are these walls called does anyone know? –



Theres on thing that East london has that no where else in London can even compete and thats the 24/7 365 days of a year Brick Lane Baigel Bake all day ever day this shop is rammed with costumers, from Police Officers to a motor cycle gang stopping off to get a Salt Beef Bagel. This place was built in the 1974 and is probably the most famous shop on Brick Lane beating all the curry houses at the end!

The best things about Beigel Bake is the fact that they haven’t changed their prices to fit in with every other shop on that street, you can literally go in there get a salmon and creme cheese bagel for £1.80, a coffee shop near me sells the same Bagel for £4!!!

One of my best memories about the bagel shop was when there was a riot on Brick lane a few years ago, loads of shops got there windows smashed in, cars were destroyed, it was todo with the rising cost of living in the area, so naturally the estate agents took a battering, but the begel shop was pristine, literally not a scratch. it was like it a had shield around it protecting it from the flying bricks and angry hippies letting everyone know they weren’t happy.

So heres some snaps I took Last night

– this over a drunk macdonalds any day of the week! –
– Home –
– I dont know what they put in them but these are the perfect bagels