this week im up north and to be honest you got to love the english country side, with tractors, sheep dogs and a good old fashioned english pub. Everytime I come to places like this I always think, I should pack my job up in London and move to the country life and just drive motor bikes, climb trees and not worry about politics, money and rush hour.  maybe ill give it a try one day and see how long I last before I miss the central line at 8am on a hot Monday morning. But for now I think these places are good to come to for work and to grab some clean fresh air before heading back into the craziness of central london!

another short and sweet post from me, but I need to sleep. Ive also got a really really cool idea of the website and sunday Ill show do it as well as my normal post. its going to change the game up alot!

but any way here some amazing views and cool photos from a really really busy days filming.

– you dont see that in London –
– its utterly butterly –
– what are these walls called does anyone know? –


B121 – what a day

Todays going to be short and sweet, its been tough and problem not the best day, but got a few good photos, Im going to keep this one shorter and sweeter than most days. im basically in Northumbria filming for this week, so SHOULD be good but probably really busy as usual.

I want to write more but would rather hit the pillow and get some sleep.

– starting the day at chancery lane –
– driving up north –
– arriving up north –