Theres on thing that East london has that no where else in London can even compete and thats the 24/7 365 days of a year Brick Lane Baigel Bake all day ever day this shop is rammed with costumers, from Police Officers to a motor cycle gang stopping off to get a Salt Beef Bagel. This place was built in the 1974 and is probably the most famous shop on Brick Lane beating all the curry houses at the end!

The best things about Beigel Bake is the fact that they haven’t changed their prices to fit in with every other shop on that street, you can literally go in there get a salmon and creme cheese bagel for £1.80, a coffee shop near me sells the same Bagel for £4!!!

One of my best memories about the bagel shop was when there was a riot on Brick lane a few years ago, loads of shops got there windows smashed in, cars were destroyed, it was todo with the rising cost of living in the area, so naturally the estate agents took a battering, but the begel shop was pristine, literally not a scratch. it was like it a had shield around it protecting it from the flying bricks and angry hippies letting everyone know they weren’t happy.

So heres some snaps I took Last night

– this over a drunk macdonalds any day of the week! –
– Home –
– I dont know what they put in them but these are the perfect bagels


  1. This is where I had my very first bagel, one summer many moons ago, roaming the city at 2 in the morning, long before Brick Lane was trendy. The shop looked exactly the same and when I went back, a couple of years ago, the lox bagels tasted just the same! And still so cheap.


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