B149 – Get me to the beach!

I don really know much about yesterday, It was spent doing not alot but going to a lot of places, like the beach, where I only had black jeans so brought a pair of yellow swimming trunks only to discover that they were see through, so bit of a nice view for Amy’s extended family as I came out of the sea at low tide. I have to say though that my Sand castle building skills were perfect, it was the sand that let me down. a bit to wet for mould properly, but I like to think I made the best of a bad situation and got it built.

after that we literally headed to the pub for some food and drove home, life moves a lot slower in Norfolk which is completely different to London. Thanks Amy family for a good old weekend.

think i’m going to keep it short and sweet today, i’m still absolutely nackered.

– maxium relax –
– this is my Sand castle –
– the view from the car home –

B063 – who said it always rains in manchester –

two day has been a day of two halfs, a missed train from reading to Manchester, an angry taxi driver who tried to hold me as a hostage of a mistake that his comms office and a lost jumper (it was my new favourite), all added to me only having one option grabbing a pint before the next train to Manchester and then sleeping all the way, so now im sat in a pretty swanky hotel room in manchester wide awake!

but over all im pretty happy with the pictures i managed to get, by the way, I cant take any photos of my location or anything this week, so time to get creative. Ive brought a big pack of balloons just in case I run out of ideas and need to make some water bombs or something.


– who said it always rains in Manchester –
– cant beat the british country side, is this not a money shot or what –
– reading train station: where there is nothing fun to do ever –

B052 –

Some times, literally nothing happens and I spent the day in front of a computer, today was one of those days. So heres a some old photos I found on my hard drive from a few months back, on a trip to a family easter egg hunt.

” go on pheobe draw a star” –
– cant beat some good old country side –
– “do you think I can take a picture using the stick? –


So yesterday I had to travel back to my mum and dads, because of this slight issue with the tendons in my leg being useless. At their house you get a pretty decent view of sun sets, so after spending the day on the sofa, at like 7 O clock, I set my intervelometer to go off every 10 seconds till the sun had set and managed to catch these bad boys.

Check out these snaps.

SUN SET 1-1-2
SUN SET 2-1-2
– GONE –