So before my train yesterday I wanted to pop to st annes Square to see the memorial for those people killed at the concert a few weeks back, everyone was telling me how amazing it was, when I got there they had taken to the memorial down, the only thing left was a few flowers on the statue and some candle wax on the floor. it was properly raining, the type of rain that somehow only manchester can have.  But i still thought it was only right to leave some flowers and show some respect.



– a message left my manchester –
– this is me putting some flowers down –
– it was properly raining, so I used a shower cap to protect my camera –




After a 2 weeks with out a day off and working on two full on tv shows, a shoot somewhere near reading and a massive shoot in Manchester, im now on my way to Norfolk for a little catch up with Amy. Im hungover and tired, so heres my three photos. More clouds, more of me not being able to take photos of what ive been up too.


– this was just what I needed –
– first time ever theres been blue skys in Manchester –
– one last photo of the sky –

B067 – these office snacks are crazy

So here a picture of my office snacks… and some other pictures to help keep this blog interesting. but they have really pulled through on the office snacks. im keeping these short and sharpe at the the moment, just because I dont have alot of time right now.

– proper snacks –
– my desk –
– i saw blue sky in manchester! –

B066 – the funkiness

its 2 in the morning, im still at work currently 17 hours into a work shift, here are 3 photos. im listening to music with the office cleaner, hes just showed me The S.O.S Band and joy simon, so go check them out instead of looking at my photos, im high on coffee and Haribo goooooooving to the funkiness.

– food of champions –
– its still raining up here –
everything literally wet, guess what this is –



B065 – the rain here is something special

I have to admit, I was wrong really wrong, the other day i thought manchester was sunny and in full summer mood. Today it has rained non stop, but not like normal rain, its literally like someone has turned the shower on a just left a cold shower running.

– theres not even puddles just flooding –
– its wet –
– this is a light in front of a light –

B063 – who said it always rains in manchester –

two day has been a day of two halfs, a missed train from reading to Manchester, an angry taxi driver who tried to hold me as a hostage of a mistake that his comms office and a lost jumper (it was my new favourite), all added to me only having one option grabbing a pint before the next train to Manchester and then sleeping all the way, so now im sat in a pretty swanky hotel room in manchester wide awake!

but over all im pretty happy with the pictures i managed to get, by the way, I cant take any photos of my location or anything this week, so time to get creative. Ive brought a big pack of balloons just in case I run out of ideas and need to make some water bombs or something.


– who said it always rains in Manchester –
– cant beat the british country side, is this not a money shot or what –
– reading train station: where there is nothing fun to do ever –