B133 – This is what I think: SleekLens

The other day a company called SleekLens got in touch with me and asked if I would try out there PreSets for Light room and let them know what I think. Long story short it’s a quick way for you to edit photos on Lightroom, without having to adjust the exposure or contrast. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, is it a way for me to save time editing photos, will it help to improve my blog?

SleekLens asked me to try the Presets on Landscape photography, so the best thing for me to do was head over to Hampstead Heath early on Saturday morning and see what I could capture and see how good these Presets are.

Sleek Lens sent me the Through The Woods Presets, which are aimed at Landscape Photography. I wont go on any more, Ill let my photos do the talking.

– before the Preset is Applied –
TtW|2-Exposure- Darken Shadows-1
– using the TtW|2-Exposure- Darken Shadows-1 – I’m pretty happy with the colours of this photo, but my favourite part of this photo is the shape of that tree, it looks like a proper tree. if you get what I mean and the colour helps to define that –
– before a filter is applied –
TtW|1 - Base - High Dynamic Range 2-1
– using the TtW|1 – Base – High Dynamic Range – my main focus was shooting in photo with a high aperture, to help bring out the cloud in the back ground, then because im shooting RAW, i will be able to bring the the tree up i n Lightroom, and was basically me testing to see if the Presets could do that and I can tell you that they can –
– Before a Preset is applied –
TtW|1-Base - Monochrome Fantasy-1
– using the preset – TtW|1-Base – Monochrome Fantasy – I wanted to see how good the black and white presets were and what better thing to test this preset on than a white focal point, with dark shades in the background. Im happy with this, but I think black and white presets are a difficult thing, because B&W always looks good to me , but when I shoot stuff like this I want to bring out the grass in the middle of the photo a bit more, make it more defined, I think it looks a bit blurry and could be a bit more sharp, maybe I was using the wrong preset, if you know a better sleeklens preset, holla at your boy! –
– Before a Preset is applied –
TtW|0_All In ONe - Warm Shadows 2-1
– Preset used: TtW|0_All In ONe – Warm Shadows – this was a bit of a wild card photo, I wanted to snap something that had a busy foreground and also movement in the back of the shot. I wanted a  Preset that used the clarity tool on the leaves to help define them a bit more, while at the same time not distorting the people in the back, I want it to be quite a shallow depth of field and not do anything to crazy, just highlight a few colour, I would say this has done this pretty well –

I’m pretty happy with the outcome of these photos and think these presets are going to be a really handy tool for when I’m doing these posts. Will I use it everyday? No. probably not, I enjoy editing photos and the process that I go through to get these posts online, but when its 1 in the morning, I’ve been working all day, and just want to get to sleep, these presets are going to be a life saver.

They could also be a valuable tool in learning how Lightroom works, choose a preset you like and then work backwards from there, how did the preset use the clarity or White balance to get your desired effect? To finish off and not to sound like some rambling on blog, look into these presets and figure out how or when you would use them, I think they are something every photographer should have in their inventory, but not a necessity.

Overall I would say Sleeklens is an 8/10 and definitely has a professional feel to them, Heres a link to their website go check it out and see if they are any good for you, if you have any more questions about this, let me know and ill be happy to answer any questions, or if you think i’m completely wrong let me know too.

Check out these links to SleekLens and also some of the stuff they get up to, its a great idea and is a game changer for when you need photos edited quickly and without losing that professional feel.





B094 – my first photoshoot

The whole point of this posting three new photos a day, is really to try out different techniques and just figure out what i enjoy taking photos of. so the other day Amy and me went to the park in the afternoon when the sun was low and tried out taking photos of someone just standing there and see how it played out. to be honest Im pretty happy with the results.

normally I only edit in Lightroom, but for these photos decided to start off in LR but then export to photoshop and see if I could get a different look and improve the stills. Photoshop is one of those programs that people spend years learning and I have experience with it, but now want to understand more about the software, and the best way todo that is to practise every day.

B094 - AMY
– trying to use the sun to add something else to these photos –
B094 - AMy -02
– she’s a bit out of focus but I think it works –
B094 - AMY - 05
– you cant go wrong in black and white –


I thought this would be a good time to have a look at three of my cameras and see what takes the best photo. Im going to compare the canon 5d, Sony wx350 and the Iphone SE. I know the 5d is a few times more expensive, but its also not the most practical camera, where as the wx350 can be a sick little pocket rocket. But Ive also gotta give it to the iphone, its a decent phone and a pretty good camera.

to make this fair I thought its only right I take three photos of the same thing, and then see how they match up to each other.

– canon 5d mkii w/ 24-105mm lens –
– Iphone SE –
– Sony wx350 –

to be honest, obviously the 5d is better. but you cant carry it round everywhere, I like the wx350 is a good little camera, but the iphone is holding up in my eyes.

I think to top I will use my Iphone as a camera, but I dont want to get into the habbit of it, because a photo on a point and shoot is always going to win in.

SO i dont really have answer to this, I like all three camera’s and will probably use all three camera’s just as much.

Let me know you prefer.


Spent yesterday in Norfolk, doing nothing, apart from going to some country park thing, and then the pub. that was basically it, now im on the train back to london, feeling sleepy and needing some more food. I LOVE SUNDAY. Oh and i broke my camera so sorry if the pictures are a little out of focus, there literally nothing i can do about it till I get it fixed.

– look at the hair –
– views –
– this is a flower –


B057 – F.L.O

tip: before “chilling” with flo, make sure you have at least one red bull, other wise you’ve got no hope. the swings, the puddles and the weird baby doll that sounds like chuwbakka all mean you are gunna be running around. its not 11 o clock on Sunday night, I have work in the morning and right now flo as literally killed me. Thanks for that flo! I definitely need to spend more time with that little ball of chaos and would have her any other way!


– I promise this isnt actually that high –
– trust me I can catch you –
– “is that a squal?” –

B008 – Give us a read.

Sunday was pretty busy, with a lot of things going on a meeting people. I started my morning at Hackney Farm, but forgot to bring my camera battery so no photos of that.

Then Charlotte and I, went to camden garden centre to pick up something, after that it was just about chilling in shore ditch park, until anders joined us and we went on the hunt for a roast and ended up with fish and chips in hackney.

check out the snaps.

B006 - INSTA-4
– Charlotte got those bubbles on lock –
B006 - INSTA-1
– Daisy contemplating something important –
B006 - INSTA-2
– found this crazy place –
B006 - INSTA-3
– this is meant to be a picture of a roast –