B094 – my first photoshoot

The whole point of this posting three new photos a day, is really to try out different techniques and just figure out what i enjoy taking photos of. so the other day Amy and me went to the park in the afternoon when the sun was low and tried out taking photos of someone just standing there and see how it played out. to be honest Im pretty happy with the results.

normally I only edit in Lightroom, but for these photos decided to start off in LR but then export to photoshop and see if I could get a different look and improve the stills. Photoshop is one of those programs that people spend years learning and I have experience with it, but now want to understand more about the software, and the best way todo that is to practise every day.

B094 - AMY
– trying to use the sun to add something else to these photos –
B094 - AMy -02
– she’s a bit out of focus but I think it works –
B094 - AMY - 05
– you cant go wrong in black and white –

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