If anyone has driven from Tampa to Bartow, or even been to this little town somewhere in florida called Bartow, you will hear the local talk about Catfish Country as a place you need to go an eat it. you will hear them talk about how great the cat fish is and how its such a famous place to go and eat at. Ive never had Catfish before and today was really my first time, ( I had a cat fish Sandwhich the other day but I spilt most of it down my top and covered the whole thing in ketchup. So Im counting this as my first time, this is kind of my review of cat fish and the restaurant Cat fish country.

One thing I wont talk about is the service, America waiters and waitress are the best in the world, where ever you go you’ll get a good service and thats because they work for tips. so its unfair for me to talk about their service.  As someone whos a huge fan of the traditional cod and chips, this is a biased opinion. but when cod and chips isnt on the menu, would I go for Cat fish, probably not. but if I was in florida again, would I go for Cat fish and chips, probably. its got an OK taste and is a bit like cod in the texture, but no where near the same amount of favour.

but what you get at this place Catfish Country is the whole experience, if feels like a food restaurant in the south should feel, and has all the right things, a massive TV showing the sports highlights, unlimited ice tea and the perfect atmosphere, these places always feel like they’ve spent 50 years collecting things from passers by, including their number plates and other weird items and this place is no exception, its full of just about everything you can image from over the size bud light neon signs, to taxidermy, to things that look like they belong to on a boat. but all done in a real aesthetically pleasing way. its just all looks like it genuinely belongs there.

If you are ever driving down highway 98 towards Bartow definitely stop off and give this place a try, you cant miss it theres a massive sign that says “Catfish Country”.

Heres my photos from the meal, I’m sorry to the locals but nothing you cook will be able to beat fish and chips from Brighton Pier.

B201 (1 of 1)
– this place definatly looks 10 x better than any fish and chip shop in the UK –
B201 (1 of 1)-2
– I wasnt even aware there was a catfish festival –
B201 (1 of 1)-3
– It looks almost the same to standard fish and chips but they do give you this little corn do ball thing –
B201 (1 of 1)-4
– I really like the fact every table had a paper hand towel roll, that always means you going to be in for some good food –




In the week amy said about going to Brighton, to play that basketball arcade game. I was all over it, then Friday we found out it was pride weekend, which kind of changed the whole idea, we were now going for a bit of a day drink. Nothing wrong with that, so we dropped our favourite lesbians a messaged – Megan and Scarlett to see if they were going and boom we have a bit of a fun Saturday on our hands.

lucky though, amy booked an early train ticket down there, so we could have a few hours in the arcade first, she won at basketball but that was only because my basket was a bit off centre and I think the light on my side was a bit strong so it kept on distracting me and shinning in my eyes. not that its an excuse, I just want everyone to know the type of environment I had to deal with.

anyway we met up with Megan, Scarlett and a few other friends and had a fun afternoon, I didnt take that many snaps, just really had a good time. but heres a few bangers I did take.

– rule 1: dont eat fish and fishs on the beach –
– the donuts at the entrance to the pier are amazing –
– amy doing the British holiday thing –

B008 – Give us a read.

Sunday was pretty busy, with a lot of things going on a meeting people. I started my morning at Hackney Farm, but forgot to bring my camera battery so no photos of that.

Then Charlotte and I, went to camden garden centre to pick up something, after that it was just about chilling in shore ditch park, until anders joined us and we went on the hunt for a roast and ended up with fish and chips in hackney.

check out the snaps.

B006 - INSTA-4
– Charlotte got those bubbles on lock –
B006 - INSTA-1
– Daisy contemplating something important –
B006 - INSTA-2
– found this crazy place –
B006 - INSTA-3
– this is meant to be a picture of a roast –