In the week amy said about going to Brighton, to play that basketball arcade game. I was all over it, then Friday we found out it was pride weekend, which kind of changed the whole idea, we were now going for a bit of a day drink. Nothing wrong with that, so we dropped our favourite lesbians a messaged – Megan and Scarlett to see if they were going and boom we have a bit of a fun Saturday on our hands.

lucky though, amy booked an early train ticket down there, so we could have a few hours in the arcade first, she won at basketball but that was only because my basket was a bit off centre and I think the light on my side was a bit strong so it kept on distracting me and shinning in my eyes. not that its an excuse, I just want everyone to know the type of environment I had to deal with.

anyway we met up with Megan, Scarlett and a few other friends and had a fun afternoon, I didnt take that many snaps, just really had a good time. but heres a few bangers I did take.

– rule 1: dont eat fish and fishs on the beach –
– the donuts at the entrance to the pier are amazing –
– amy doing the British holiday thing –