Back in london now and back to work, but I though it would be a good idea to show some more photos from paris. before I start blabbering on, how good was Amy’s first post yesterday, she got 81 page views in total which for a day is pretty good! we just need to think of a name for her blog now? what are you views on http://www.joshisdabest.com ?

As you read on yesterdays post we spent most of the time walking around just exploring the city and looking for mussels and chips. Paris is on of those cities which Ive been to  fair amount of times but just enjoy going to, I also try and not visit the same place twice until Ive seen enough of the world, but Paris is an exception. I cant go to that city enough, and as its a train ride away from London St. Pancras it literally couldn’t be easier.

But considering im now laying in bed on Wednesday morning trying to think of a good reason to lay here all day, but also knowing that in a few minutes I’ve got to get up and go to work I know that the fun little adventure at the weekend is now well and truly over. Ive decided that todays pictures should be in Black and White because that city looks so good in B&W and also because its no in the past it kind of works quite well for showing off some of the extra sights we saw.

Today Im determined to take my camera to work with me and start showing off some of London on my Lunch Break, see how far away from the office I can on my lunch break or something. Off the top of my head I think I can make it at least 5 miles. wish me luck!


– le eiffel tower –
– not sure what building this is, I just like the way the road line leads your eye up to it –
– this is a proper french cafe –




B139 – Mental Friday, no parties just a bunch of cameras and stuff

yesterday was one of those day’s spent prepping for up and coming shoots, arranging kit and trying to get as much kit as possible in to peli cases, just like a big puzzle. So for that reason, my photos from yesterday aren’t that exciting.

One thing Ive realised about this little project I’m doing is, what you have to do is always take photos, even on days when you know what your going to write about, those are the days where if you see a cool angle or nice lighting, take a snap on your iphone, because they have become so handy to me on days like today when im struggling to put anything amazing together, Im just quickly scrolling through my phone for bangers I might of taken last week.  thats basically whats happened today, but I don’t want it to be a complete throw back to old photos from previous days. so “m going to throw in some photos I took yesterday as well.

Enjoy these snaps, I’ve uploaded four just because I want to keep you guys happy.

– ignore the tissue next to the lens I forgot to move it –
– taken yesterday, on my route to work –
– the view through a 85mm prime – as you can see it looks burry without a camera –
– the only bit of blue sky I saw yesterday, but I got to play with camera’s so its nothing to complain about –

B060 – Livin by liverpool street

Last night I was walking to liverpool street from Bank station, something im doing todo on the last days of my office/desk job is to walk from one tube station on another tube along the line i need, just so I dont spend countless hours on the tube when I could be in the sun taking snaps.


– Spot the man –
– squeezing new buildings in everywhere –
– views –

B053 –

Running out of work on my lunch break to take a few snaps, its actually a good thing todo and a reason to get some fresh air and catch a bit of the sun. im going to keep these short a sweet for the next few weeks till I finish my current job.

– if you look close you can see the blue sky –
– solid bit of scaff –
– they call it morden architecture, I call it something else –

B048 –

Friday was a bit crazy, I don’t think I looked at anything other than my computer and my phone occasionally. So to be honest, i completely forgot to take pictures and then around 4ish I had the realisations that I was “picturless”, I decided to take some pictures of my view out of the office, which kind of works, plus one from the entrance downstairs.

– oh look its centre point –
– big ben –
– for some reason I like this –