B139 – Mental Friday, no parties just a bunch of cameras and stuff

yesterday was one of those day’s spent prepping for up and coming shoots, arranging kit and trying to get as much kit as possible in to peli cases, just like a big puzzle. So for that reason, my photos from yesterday aren’t that exciting.

One thing Ive realised about this little project I’m doing is, what you have to do is always take photos, even on days when you know what your going to write about, those are the days where if you see a cool angle or nice lighting, take a snap on your iphone, because they have become so handy to me on days like today when im struggling to put anything amazing together, Im just quickly scrolling through my phone for bangers I might of taken last week.  thats basically whats happened today, but I don’t want it to be a complete throw back to old photos from previous days. so “m going to throw in some photos I took yesterday as well.

Enjoy these snaps, I’ve uploaded four just because I want to keep you guys happy.

– ignore the tissue next to the lens I forgot to move it –
– taken yesterday, on my route to work –
– the view through a 85mm prime – as you can see it looks burry without a camera –
– the only bit of blue sky I saw yesterday, but I got to play with camera’s so its nothing to complain about –


today im in norfolk on a shoot for the next few days and currently sat in my hotel room backing up rushes another 30 minutes and ill be in that bar!  Im just hitting that 12 hour mark, so in the TV world I’m just coming up to my lunch break, nothing too crazy. I think its going to be a fun little series Im working on and should be going to some even cooler locations, so my photography game will be on sick, so fingers crossed it pulls through and I get to go. anyway heres my photos from today im going to keep this short and sweet for now, Ive got footage to back up and beer to drink!

have a look at my snaps from today.

– the one and only fs7 – 
– if only this was our production car – 
– an added extra, this came in our phone holder –