Yesterday Amy and me had the family come round for some food and for a little catch up, I haven’t really seen any of them since my birthday which was like two months ago, so it was good to see them all, even Esme. 
It wasn’t all straight forward, amy and me had a lot of pressure planning today, from what everyone was going to eat ( I cooked a banging curry) to the most important thing the orange cushion that WE (Amy) had to get. 

Yesterday was the first time we played host to my family and I think I was a success, apart from being a bit short of cutlery and plates but who’s counting anyway.

I’ve normally always been the guy sat in the sofa drinking beers and watching TV so never really worried about what’s going on in the kitchen, I’ve just worried about what time it’s been served. My hat goes off to anyone that’s ever cooked a large meal I’ve eaten, it’s 100% pure stress. 

The cooking isn’t the stressful part, it’s the washing up that’s the stinger, you fill your face and then all of a sudden you’ve got a million plates and hundreds of glasses to wash up, and I don’t even have a dish washer, proper 1950s stuff. 

Anyway, it’s now 5am on Sunday and I’m up and out the door off to work, so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Here’s some shots from yesterday. 

– I know it’s weird for dogs to wear clothes but I think Mooney pulls it off –
– mum and flo haven’t a moment, or in reality. Mum trying to get flo to sit still –
– she was scared to the Xmas tree pines –


today was supposed to be me, on the sofa watching films, which it was for 13 hours of the day. but I got a message today from Charlotte, telling me about some community feast going on in the park, so went along a met her and some of her m8’s. the thing that was happening is actually quite cool, this chef goes round to all the grocery stores and collects the food they cant sell, then basically cooks it up for any one and everyone and basically has this cool little feast. its not some charity thing, asking for money and trying to sign you up to monthly emails. this is just good food and chilling out all of a small donation of any kind. shes a genius and has created this cool Sunday community or decent people.

A lot of the time London can seem like a place full of wankers rushing around, pretending their busy, but today I sat down and spoke to a complete stranger, about how he went to Mexico and didn’t speak or say any words for 10 days, it was for some yoga, Im not sure if i could do it, but it was actually quite cool just to chat with a stranger about something other than tube delays.

check out the website and see when and where they do this: http://www.thepeopleskitchen.co.uk/

Sorry for the extra long writing, but I just had a fair bit to say today.

– its basically a free bbq, what more could you want –
– thats a desert –
– byob –