Yesterday I had the job of travelling up to York for the day todo a quick shoot, its actually crazy that 2 hours from Bethnal Green, that you can be in the middle of the Yorkshire country side, breathing all that good air. Every time I go to places like York I always think that I could live there and just drive around on a quad bike all day and get muddy, but for some reason I think Ill always live in London or near to the city. I really like to think though that my a country boy at heart, if only i could do my job and live in the middle of no where with my bikes and maybe a few jumps just to keep the local hospital busy.

For a first shoot of the year, it was pretty good and with a really nice team, which makes it all that better. I think my only issue was that even though I knew I would be standing in a muddy field, I still decided that i should wear my new trainers that I brought on Saturday. Well done josh, great one. As I was spending the day in the middle of no  where I wanted to concentrate on taking some landscape photos, I think it would be a crime if I just took some photos on the train and some other kind of qwerky shots.

One thing I would love to know, is why do some hills have big horses and other things carved into the side of them? I saw the big horse shape in the side of a hill and wondered if there was a reason why its there and how does it?

My photos from yesterday are below, I really think I need to go back to York for a mini break and really see what its about. Ive only ever stopped by quickly in York for like 1 or 2 days. Maybe its time I go up there for a bit longer.

– Im talking about that horse shape in the country side, is there any reason why it is there?
– what could be better, even the puddles look better than they do in London –
– this is what I want my view to be like from my window –


B123 – back to the city 

This week I’ve been in a place called Allendale. Running about filming stuff. After a proper curry last night at a place called the spice mill, we are now driving the 5 and a half hours back to London.  I don’t know why the curries relevant but I thought I would meniton it anyway. As it was a pretty good curry. 
I’m looking forward to getting back to zone 2 life, but at the same time kind of think it would be cool to wake up in the countryside every day, chuck on a pair of boots, wake your dog up and jump on a quad bike and work on a farm. But for now I’ll just have to head back to London, and the fresh air of the underground. 
Here’s a few countryside snaps of Allendale. 

– can’t beat a local parish –
– another shot of a field –
– this is also a field –