B123 Рback to the city 

This week I’ve been in a place called Allendale. Running about filming stuff. After a proper curry last night at a place called the spice mill, we are now driving the 5 and a half hours back to London.  I don’t know why the curries relevant but I thought I would meniton it anyway. As it was a pretty good curry. 
I’m looking forward to getting back to zone 2 life, but at the same time kind of think it would be cool to wake up in the countryside every day, chuck on a pair of boots, wake your dog up and jump on a quad bike and work on a farm. But for now I’ll just have to head back to London, and the fresh air of the underground. 
Here’s a few countryside snaps of Allendale. 

– can’t beat a local parish –
– another shot of a field –
– this is also a field –