B081 Рthe only English in this town 

We are staying in a place called Raito which is basically just full out old Italians that just shout words at you and then invite you into their house to buy a bus ticket. 

Yesterday we went on the hunt for some pizza, and found a cool little restaurant the only thing is no one speaks a word of English so ordering food, drink or asking where the toilet is can be tough. But I gotta say this place is completely bonkers in a good way.

At the moment we are sat at a bus stop waiting for something to turn up not sure if it’s going to be a bus or horse and carriage trying to make it to Capri to have a look around … but as they say in French cest la vie!! 

– Amy giving it some sass –
– literally not an English person in sight –
– can’t take a bad picture here –

B059 –

its been a big week and its only Tuesday night (when I writing this), today I finished work at like 7:45ish and was like screw it im going to westminster to be a proper tourist and just take pictures and just enjoy being in London, something I think im actually doing more and more, I keep finding that I will purposely sometimes go the long route just so I can see some more of this crazy city! I love everything about london, other than the tubes, I hate the tubes.

So here a few snaps of my hour on Embankment last night.

– “make sure you get my good side” –
– cant beat a good clock –
– We’re watching you –