I need some help, basically today I gave this homeless man £20 so he could get two weeks in a hostel for the Homeless put together by the Crisis charity, Ive had a look online and trying to work out if I’ve been hustled or not? my biggest mistake was not getting his name or taking his picture, he seemed genuine but I just want to find out if he actually spent the money on a bed, im thinking was two weeks is a good amount of time to get your stuff in order, I just hope he didn’t spend it on crack or alcohol. does anyone know how I can find out if he did get shelter? Its nice to be nice right?

In other news, today amy and myself set out on a mission which involved going to this fabrics store and also picking up some paint. I’m talking about mission up cycle our dinning table, I can that is was a complete success and I will share a photo of the table once its completely finished but I have to say we are both really happy with how its turned out. at first it was a bit touch and go with the varnish but once we realised it got darker as it dried the problem was solved.  I think we have both got a bit of a bug for this kind of thing now and definitly think we should up cycle some more stuff, I, also now the proud owner of a proper staple gun and really want to see what this thing can do.

so its been a bit of a busy afternoon and its now pretty late, tomorrow I have an early start and need to be up and with my a game for a short film I’m working on tomorrow. its definitely time to get some sleep.

– Amy having a look through the millions of fabric, im suprised that we still arent in there looking at different patterns –

– the staple gun, me and her and going to get really close over the next few months –

– Brick lane has it all, ive missed this place –


3 thoughts on “B222 – DO YOU THINK I DID THE RIGHT THING?”

  1. Josh, great blog……I don’t know how you can get the information you are looking for, but I do know this: if you gave him the money as an act of Grace? You did the right thing PERIOD. If this man spent money on booze or drugs (I was tending to a homeless man this Summer, until he started to dodge me when I came into town. I have a strong suspicion that he sold the items I gave him for drugs-and that’s on him, not me) then he is responsible for his own actions and conscience. It isn’t easy doing the right thing, but know that you did. Blessings in His name. xo


      1. I was walking the streets of Hollywood years ago. I came upon a man with no arms or legs, burns over the rest of his body. I cried as I asked him his story, and I gave him $20. My husband chastised me, he said that dude will probably spend the money on crack. And I said, “Good. I hope it makes his day.”


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