B079 – amalfi coast is unreal 

Just landed in Naples, Italy. This place is unreal, from the crazy drivers who literally drive where ever they want, to the 100ft cliffs with 7 houses a car park and hotel stuck on the side. We are looking forward to exploring this part of the world tomorrow morning with a hike up a volcano and then onto Pompeii to see the ruins of the old town. Should be a good morning with some cool photos.

Here’s a few snaps from our first afternoon here…

– Amy giving it some sass –
– a little beach we found yesterday evening –
– the view from our bedroom –

6 thoughts on “B079 – amalfi coast is unreal ”

  1. Wonderful photographs; I especially like the beach one. That building looks like the kind of place that inspires my books! Doing it in black and white gives it a ramshackle and mysterious atmosphere. Pompeii is not exactly a town either – it goes on and on ad-nauseum, although it is fascinating and well worth a visit. But once you’ve seen around a fair few places, you just can’t face the rest! I would say that it is the size of a city in England.


    1. I agree. I really like the Black and White look, its something that for some reason adds so much more atmosphere to a photo. oh is Pompeii not a town? what is it? a City?


  2. Nice photos. Just a thought, your full size images are larger than most monitors, you might want to resize to something like 2000px wide so we can appreciate them without scrolling.


    1. Thanks for pointing this out to me, I had no idea it was an issue. are there any photos in particular that are bigger than 2000px? ill make sure that all by photos from now on, dont exceed that number! cheers mate!


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