Yesterday was a bit of a busy day,  that started at 7 in the morning somewhere in North London with a dog that could Answer a phone, no joke. He could literally take a phone off the hook and then put his head to it, craziness. Anyway, yesterday I was working with an old chum for the day on a commercial, which involved a really really smart dog.

After that finished, it was back to London for a sick clothing company called Lone Rascals party, at a vodka distillery in Hackney, check out her clothing its pretty cool stuff, perfect for all your festival and party needs! http://www.lone-rascal.com. thank you to Izzy and aggie for a fun party!

Im a bit hungover and late for work so ill keep this short and simple, check out this photos from yesterday, I think they are actually really cool. for a busy day running around, I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out.

Oh yea im trying to find the perfect export settings for my photos, so if they look dodgy over the next few days, let me know. I want to get the best setting of smart phones and laptops, its not the easiest thing in the world, so if any one knows the perfect settings please let me know!

and heres the link to Lone Rascals again just incase you missed it before: http://www.lone-rascal.com

– ladies his names david murray and hes accepting offers, his favourite restuarant is nandos but he’s willing to try somewhere new –
– it looks like theres not many people there, but it was acutally packed and had like 3 different parts. there was a free bar giving out vodka so you can imagine where most people were – 
– this dog was the dog that could answer the phone –


– the sky in this photo, was insane –