B084 – nothing beats a beach day!

We both woke up pretty early today and was nackered but instead of going back to bed we decided to head to a beach, eat ice cream and swim, we found this small beach in this cove no idea what it was called. the Amalfi coast is weird, there are thousands of small beaches dotted along the coastal road and you really have to look out to find out. any way about 100 meters away from this beach we found was this kind of secret beach which you could only get to if you swam across, we wanted to take the go pro and get a picture but we forgot to charge it so had no way of getting a photo!

Anyway after swimming over there and then chilling in the water it was time for amy todo some serious work on her tan and for me well I just had to try and find and shade I could and do my best not to burn. which didn’t work, I fell asleep in the sun and now look like a really ripe tomato.

anyway heres some snaps from our day.

– that 80’s punk rocker style –
– wheres your PPE mate? –
– nothing beats seeing a dog on a canoe –


Yesterday we were in Norfolk seeing Amy’s folks, left their feeling good and now I’m on a train trying to write this and trying to get this online, Ive lost my train ticket and in a bit of a rush, its just one of those mornings. But thank you Amys parents for a jolly good Friday.

– a snap from a quick trip to the beach before it started raining – 
– I had the bright idea of climbing down a cliff to get this shot – 
– Some fishermen I saw yesterday morning in a place called Sheringham –