B132 – this is food porn

if you dont know of this place then you need to know. Londons Brough Market is food porn central, it literally has this massive selection of food from all over the world. I was walking around london yesterday getting some errands done and taking pictures of London on a Friday, and just ended up in Brough market, its the perfect place to take photos, everyone has this massive excited look on their face and just wants to try everything thing they see.

Brough market for this reason has always been on of those places I’ve wanted to photograph but for some reason never have, well yesterday I just ended up there and im glad I did, if you just go there and walk around maybe try a bit some tasters or just look at all the foods, youll realise that most Tesco’s and Sainbury’s are terrible for food choices.

When you type in London Brough Market on google, the first thing that comes up is the attacks there a few months ago, if you scroll past that ( I dont mean it out of disrepesct, I just mean theres way more to Brough Market, than the actions of a few confused boys) and just type in facts, you’ll realise that this place dates back to 1014 and was created by the Danes as a medievel market to stop off at and buy some stuff before heading into London. Its also the place with annoyed the authorities because it was just this little market which under cut all the City of London’s own traders.

So what did the city do, in 1444 it brought the Market off the people and chartered it as part of the city of London, which then lead to a 3 day riot. but its all good because in 1550 Edward the VI, sorted this problem out by officially selling southwark and the Brough Market to the city for £1000.

I could go on here to tell you about another thousand years of history, but if you’ve read this much already and still not interested then you probably don’t want to know.

so anyway here some foodie pictures I took yesterday.

– that looks like proper food –
– shes not sure on the cheese –
– for some reason I just like this –



getting up for train yesterday was tough but we made it with only one lost train ticket and a few coffee’s. As you can see amy was not hungover and on top form. We made it to Huntingdon and started on the chocolate.



– amy on the train from norwich – 
– look at my middle class boom box – 
– Phoebe catching some serious air – 
– look at that sunset –