Theres is bar in spitalfeild market called Beadles, it this small wine bar, with a massive collection  from all over the world ive been there a few time and every time I go, I try a proper wine, none of that house wine that you get in a pub. I still have no idea about wine, but this place is making me want to learn more.

I had a famoso, which is an Italian  grape which is from the region of Romagna, it basically disappeared for years before being brought back to life by some new producers, who believed it was time for the grape to make comeback. apparently the grape gives a pale strew colour, which didn’t adapt well to the market until recently and is becoming more and more of an essential for the wine connoisseur. so if you see it, buy it and give the stuff a try or head to Beadles Wine bar in Spitalfeilds and drink it there.

incase any of you are wondering, I literally typed the name of the wine on google and this was all the information I could copy and understand, so thought I would share it with you.

All these photos were taken on the Iphone SE

– I should of taken a photo when we first got the drinks, sorry I forgot –
– no sure what wines these are, but they look good –
– famoso wine is on the right, look at that “pale straw” colour –


So last night I ended up in some wine bar, trying to guess the region, grape and something else todo with the wine and if you guess it right you get it for free. so I had a pop, I tasted a bit and said it was Californian from the north shore and a mean grape. the wine turned out to be from italy and “mean grape” isn’t actually a thing.

Heres a few snaps of the evening.

– a fruity wine, with a hint of flowers it what the waiter said – 
– ended up in pho for a quick bite to eat – 
– Just another black and white picture –