Last night, we went up on my roof not like climbing up on it, but going up to the communal roof terrace. I don’t have a fob for the roof, so knocked on a neighbours door, the amazing women called paula, opened up. shes this really cool lady whos lived in this block for nearly 32 years, making her one of the oldest residence. ( she also has a number of classic motor bikes in the underground car park) making her a legend.

Well she came out on the roof with us, not because she didn’t trust us, she just know that Sandra our building manager, is watching at all time. we love sandra, but she scares me. Anyway, Paula was telling us about the time that the libertines threw a massive party on the roof and would pee off the side 50 meters up on the pavement below and how she regularly saw pete in the lift. Ive heard this story before from random people in Bethnal Green, but this confirms it. The Libertines are the ones to blame for us not being allowed to have parties up there, because they took it to the next level. it kind of makes me happy that they did this, even though I wasnt there. I know my parties could never of topped that and its nice to know that if these walls in the block could talk they probably talk about the time the band threw a massive party and played some absolute bangers while Pete Doherty pee’d on the pedestrians walking below.

Anyway heres a few pictures from Amy and mine’s adventure to the roof terrace last night.

-you take that snap girl –
– view looking away from the city –
– this could work –



Firstly I have to say, the Beetles have a zebra crossing on Abbey Road, the Libertines have a cracked out alley way inbetween Bethnal Green and Hackney, its literally called “up the bracket Alley” it used to be called Grove Passage, but someone stole the road sign and now probably has it hung up their mothers wall. the reason for this is because it was the location of the Up The Bracket Music Video.

Heres a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u_g6zNuP_I

This alley has become a shrine to the band, with people writing on the wall about their memories of the band and the impact they had, its actually an amazing alley for that reason, but what makes it even better is the fact it stinks on piss and covered in smashed beer bottles. It kind of makes it that little bit more special. that fact you have to walk through a black cab repairs garage under some dark bridge off of the main road, definitely adds a bit of an uneasy atmosphere to the whole thing.

I was at the gig a few years back where a guy stripped off naked and climbed the lighting rig, for no reason what so ever, accept they are at a libertines gig and thats what happens.

I genuinely don’t think my writing skills are good enough to describe this alley way and what it feels like to walk down it, Ill have to get my friend matt green and his “creative writing degree” to help me out on that one.

but trust me if there is one thing you HAVE todo next time your in London, take the adventure over to “Up the Bracket Alley” and check it out, don’t take your phone or go there after dark though it might not be the same experience.

Heres my photos of  Up The Bracket Alley!

– looks just like abbey road –
– road signs are over rated anyway, nothing a bit of spray paint cant solve –
– below this was a suspicious puddle –
– messages from all over the world! –