B146 – what I like to photograph!

Not sure what to write about today, im literally struggling to keep my eyes open. its really early on Saturday morning, im two coffees and a large macdonalds coke down and still going. but it is a good day becuase im on my way to Norfolk for the Bank holiday weekend where im just going to eat and eat and eat.

My idea of the photos today was to take them on my journey to the station, see if I could make the one stop on the tube more exciting, it actually worked, I left a bit earlier so I could take photos but Im pretty happy with the result.

the good thing about doing this whole project is that its helping to me figure out what I like taking photos of, if its landscape or people or adventure. I think its hard to figure that out, with everything today like instagram and facebook, its so easy to take a good photo, but its hard to figure out what exactly you want to shoot. 5 months ago, I didnt really have an idea, I couldnt decide, I knew I like to take photos but I couldnt work out what my favourite thing to shoot was. I would just take hunderds of photos each day and see where I ended up. but not I really think about what im going to take a photo of, and ive realised that its people. I love taking photos of people. they are a hard thing to photograph, because a lot of people don’t want to have the photo taken, so its all about being quick and not drawing to much attention. A good tip that i’ve found works, is to set the shot up, wait for someone to walk into it and then take the snap, that way they think they’ve just walked into your shot, rather than you snapping them on purpose. simple and effective.

anyway heres my snaps from this morning!

(and sorry for any spelling mistakes )

– i have no idea who they are –
– liverpool street this morning –
liverpool street, really early this morning –


So yesterday I didn’t take any photos, literally not one. I spent the day sorting out all the photos Ive taken over the past 128 days, the plan is to create a portfolio of all my best shots, so you don’t just see them for a day and then thats it. My portfolio is now up and running and has loads of my favourite photos on it. the whole thing is actually pretty hard, ive never made anything like a portfolio before, so Ive been checking out some of my favourite photographers and see how they have done it and getting some inspiration. Ive got a few ideas, so just need to work on it. check it out and let me know what you think, you should be able to see a new tab at the top of the page called “my work”.

So for this post, here are three of my favourite photos thats Ive posted these past 128 days!

Today is also 13th anniversary of  Donald Duck receiving the 2,257th Hollywood star! congratulations to the best Donald I know!

– from a few weeks ago, Victoria Park –
– the m25, when it was actually summer, not just a rainy august –