Yesterday was a proper good little Saturday, it was one of those days which is kind of full of stuff, after a good meeting in Richmond yesterday morning, i was then back to where I belong in lovely east London, to get ready for a kind of date night with the bird (Amy).

When you have to travel across London only using public transport you start to see how cool looking the underground actually is, when I used to think of things I would like to photograph and places, I would always think of places like New Yorks Subway or some weird jungle in Asia. but really if you just look around London and your kind of immediate environment then there is actually quite a lot to photograph. I dont have to travel 5000 miles to find something cool, I mean I wouldn’t mind travelling 5000 miles to take some photographs, but Im also happy to explore London more and get photos of things I use everyday. Thats a kind of insight into my thinking this morning, tomorrow it will probably change, but for now thats whats going through my head.

I have to say as well, date night was a success. We went for a meal at Burger and Lobster, which is kind of this chain restaurant in London, I definitely had food envy over Amy. I always seem to get food envy on date night, its like I just always order wrong. Amy had the lobster roll and I went for the Lobster Burger and it just wasn’t in the same league as Amy’s Lobster roll. does anyone know if Food envy is a psychological thing or if some times we just order wrong? that is my 2018 question.

After a really fun meal, we then went on to meet her brother and brothers girl friend for a drink before we ended up in some Gay club in Soho, not too sure what happened there, but those were the cards we were dealt so we just had to go with it and boogie on down!

Its now sunday and by far the best day of the week, theres quite a lot planned today so looking forward to seeing how the day pans out!

here are my photos from yesterday, enjoy.

– I really wish Maplin’s was still open, could of done with getting a few things –
– I just like this photo, taken on Brick Lane, one of the coolest streets in London
– stopping to take a photo on the underground is something I havent really done before. Normally I just try to get through those places as quick as possible –



Yesterday was all about getting some good food, so Amy and me headed off the this little restaurant in town called Sketch. If you’ve heard of it before its probably becuase its one of the coolest places to eat. I booked that table about 4 weeks ago and was struggling to get a good table, thats how packed this place is. the food was incredible too, we had the duck Foie Gras for starts with the leeks and razor clams. both of us have never had clams before, they we actually really good.

for mains I though it would be rude not to have the Kent Lamb loin, as i am from kent and know that we do good food. it was perfect and the sauce they put on the top was unbelievable, no meal is complete without a side of chips. so thats what finished us off.

Amy let me have a taste of her Sea Bass main meal and after spending a month in america where you think fish is fresh, this was a different level of fresh. its fair to say that all the processed food in the states, was starting to become more of a mission and having that food has brought me back to reality. its now lie that america josh had started to put on the pounds, a mixture of 1 minute pancakes and Chuckey cheese, had started to show. but lucky I’m now back to good fresh food.

I do love going to new cities and countries and exploring loads of places, but I think theres only one city I can call home and thats London. I even love the rude people that give you funny looks on the tube. even they have a certain London look, that you don’t find anywhere else in the world.

– This place is like no other restaurant ive been in –
– this photo was taken by turning the table lamp upside down and using the light from it –
– a bad quality photo but I still like it –