Its been 25 hours since I left my house and the day is finally over, im laying in my bed next to Williamsburg Bridge and its fair to say this is amazing. out of my window I can see the Empire State building and the Rockerfalla, what a view to fall asleep looking at. right now I should feel tried but this city doesn’t seem to sleep so its only right that I stay awake that little bit longer just incase I miss something.

Ive only explored the city this afternoon for a few hours and only walked around seeing the sites and just getting my bearings but already I know this place moves at like 100 miles per hour, blink and you’ve missed someone walking around in an Elmo outfit while someone rides bike the wrong way down a one way street, while a group of taxi beep him like crazy. Im struggling to find the words to describe this places, the closest thing I can think of is “London on Steroids”. thats literally New York.

With such a short amount of time here before moving on, I’ve got to be really careful about what I choice todo, the main thing on my list is going to the B&H camera store tomorrow and checking that place out, its been on my list of things todo for ages and tomorrow is my chance. if you know about it, then you know why I want to go, if your not sure what im on about. heres a link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%26H_Photo_Video (i know people don’t agree with Wikepdia but for this purpose its fine).

I also want to walk across the manhattan bridge and just see the sites really, maybe hire a bike if I get time or something like that.

Anyway I was only going to post three photos of today, but I’ve changed my mind, whats the point in taking loads of photos of this place each day only to post them every now and again when Im back in london. today is a bit short and sweet, but thats because my brain is slowly falling a sleep. tomorrow we will conquer.

B191 (1 of 1)
– this is my view during the day from my room –
B191 (1 of 1)-7
– this is my view at night, while in bed. New Yorks sky line is like nothing ive seen before –
B191 (1 of 1)-3
– I love New York –
B191 (1 of 1)-4
– this place is constantly moving at full sleep –
B191 (1 of 1)-2
– it was like this guy was waiting for someone to take a photo of him –

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