Friday was on of those days there I had about a million things todo and 10 places to be, its the last weekend before I leave for the states again, and its actually my birthday weekend. so last night Amy and me went out for some dinner and to let lose. she knows this really cool Italian tapas bar in Smithfeilds London so we headed there is was called Polpo, its like a small chain if you are ever in London I would definitely recommend it. the tapas was incredible.

Anyway, after a meeting ran over by 30 minutes earlier in the day it put me a little behind but with the thought of a beer and some good food I managed to pull it all back. I know this post is more of a commentary about my day, but thats just what it is. One thing I do want to say, is how much I love the fact that phones are now proper camera’s, my Iphone has literally saved me from complete failure of this three photos a day challenge. When I don’t have my DSLR camera on me, I know that my phone will back me up and get the shot.

even though it is so easy, I kind of do miss the days of film photography where taking a photo getting it exposed and then seeing the end result was such a big ordeal that it meant you had to be constantly thinking about exposure and what film you wanted to use. I kind of like that idea, maybe I should do a project after this focusing on film.

Maybe thats my opportunity to buy a Leica.

anyway thank you Amy for a great little birthday meal, and Ben Delany if your reading this, you’ve stollen my birthday Saturday night and for that I hope you realise I’m not happy about it.

Heres some snaps from our evening, I tried not to take to many photos but just enjoy the evening. One thing I want to ask is my iPhone doesn’t seem to be great in low light, but Ive seen other peoples and they seem to be a better quality, are people using some sort of app or lens. if so which one should I get, want to up my iPhone photo game.

— this was the way down to the bar below, it annoys me that nothing in this photo is straight –
– thank you mr uber driver –
– testing out the iphone in low light –

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