So it seems these past few days Ive been in a bit confused as to what day this is of me posting, Ive been sat at my laptop trying to figure out how I messed up counting. but ive figured it out and its all correct now I think.

its my first proper day in the south and its a really cool place, everyone it proper nice and just happy to chat, from the people in Walmart to the guys we are down here filming. At the moment its around 26 degrees, I have no idea what that is in fahrenhiet, but apparently its not too bad for this part of the world, the hurricane has brought down the temperature a bit.

tonight we went to some bar in town and had a few beers and some food, it was good to speak to people from this area and to learn about them and how they live compared to life growing up in London. I completely forgot that its legal to carry guns in this part of the world and when I saw a gun at the bar, it was a bit of a shock. drinking a pint and carry a gun at the same time is something Ive never seen, but thats how they live so as long as my nights not ruined, who I am to judge.

Im happy to be there and looking forward to seeing more of this place and definitely think I should come back not for work, but to take cool photos and get to know the people better. I want to explore the south more and really see what this place is about, it’s full of people with a lot of stories to tell.

on another hand the food is crazy, today I tried deep fried corn on the cob, its not for me, I dont think I will ever be eating that again. ill stick to the way my mum does it. Burnt.

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– Taking photos of striaght roads is pretty fun for some reason –
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– this is a post box –
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– Hurricane Irma has emptied the shelves –

4 thoughts on “B159 – SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY”

  1. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my latest post about Gregg Allman, an artist I’ve only truly “discovered” some three or four years ago and have come to absolutely admire since.

    I just browsed through your blog and enjoyed looking at your photos. In fact, many moons ago, I was furiously taking pictures myself, though it typically was during vacations only. At the time, I had an all-mechanical Pentax MX single-lens reflex, various lenses and other equipment/assecories I would schlep around in an aluminum case. That case accompanied me to many places, such as a bike tour through Southern England when I was 14 and to the Acropolis in Athens a couple if years thereafter. While I still own the good old Pentax, the mechanics are no longer working properly. I would need to find a guy to properly clean the inside and probably replace some parts – in other words, somebody who pretty much doesn’t exist any longer in a world of all-electronic gadgets where they don’t even repair gear any longer but simply replace components – pretty sad!

    As for the hurricane, if you’ve never experienced a strong storm, my unsolicited advise would be to get out of the way. People get hung up over the category – the difference between a 4 vs. a 5 isn’t that big, and a category 3 still is a pretty mighty storm. I experienced Sandy, the hurricane/tropical storm that ravaged New Jersey several years ago. Even though it was only a tropical storm once it hit my area, it was pretty frightening. We lost power for a week or so and had lots of tree damage around the house. Luckily, nothing big fell on it. If one of those big trees we have around my house would have hit the roof, I have no doubt it would have gone right through it!

    The problem here in the U.S. is their infrastructure is very poorly built. Sometimes I feel I live in a third world country! To start with, who in their right mind still puts telephone lines and electricity cables above ground? Obviously, it’s a recipe for disaster once a strong storm hits. Additionally, most houses here aren’t built in a solid way. To give you an idea, oftentimes you can break through walls with a hard foot kick – okay, not necessarily outside walls, but walls separating rooms inside the house. It’s just badly built!

    Anyway, I hope you still enjoy your time in the U.S. and keep taking these pictures. BTW, assuming you may also enjoy looking at pics taken by other photographers, take a look at the Facebook page from a former colleague of mine, Sasha Gruber, at https://www.facebook.com/sashawithacamera/ I think she’s a pretty talented photographer.



    1. thanks for your message, yes couldnt agree more, we will do our best to stay out the way of this terrible storm. thanks for sending across Sasha’s page, i will check it out!!


  2. Hi Josh, thanks for visiting my blog, yours is pretty good. Looking forward to catching up… Lemme continue reading your stuff and see what am missing something out!


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