The Hexham Heads. In 1972, two boys were helping their parents Garden, in the town of Hexham, when one of the boys came across a weird shaped rock, in the shape of a scull, excited by what he found, him and his brother carried on dig and searching till they found the second head. the two heads no bigger than 6cm. Anyone who came in to contact with these weird heads, would have a “out of this world”  phenomena. Items would be thrown across the room of the boys house, once they moved the heads inside.

An expert on Celtic artifacts, Dr. Anne Ross,  reported that she woke up one morning to find a half human half animal creature standing in her bed room, she followed this creature out of her bedroom and down stairs towards the kitchen, before she lost track of it, a few days later her daughter said she saw a werewolf jumped of the staircase and then disappeared.

A man named Desmond Craigie, reported after they became famous that he had created the heads for his daughter to play with in 1952, but lost them in the garden. He worked for a local company that produced concrete, and an expert from Newcastle university backed up the claim by coming to the conclusion that these heads where moulded and not carved.

What an anti-climax, but quite a cool local story.

anyway heres a few of my snaps I took yesterday. They have no relevance to that story, I just like it.


– love a bit of the country side –
– I wonder if the hexham heads were found near here –
-good bye hexham –

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