B108 – THIS is so f@#king annoying!

This is geeky, but let me tell you the contents of my issue and hopefully you can feel sorry for me.

After two long long days of shooting, it got to 7ish yesterday night and I remembered that I hadn’t taken any photos. So I ran out to snap a few stills of the village I was in, everything was going smoothish, I was happy with my stills so put my camera down for the rest of the night and cracked on with work.

Then this morning happened, I went to edit these photos and noticed that all of the RAW files are corrupt and I don’t understand how to fix this or why it happened. Is there any genius out there reading this that has any idea of how to sort this issue out, I know with film camera’s if you get a corrupt files you put the media back in the camera and play that clip back, but that obviously it doesn’t work in a Canon 5d… some one help me understand this.

in other news I had a great fish and chips for dinner.

have a look at these snaps and please let me know if you can help!

– What the F*(k has happened –
– its really annoying –
– I took this photo the day before, I just wanted to use a decent photo from this sleepy village –

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