B098 – Dusty Springfield’s £16.5m House!

Im writing this while listen to the legend that is Dusty Springfeild. I was over in Holland park the other day, when I came across one of those blue signs that said Dusty Springfeild, she live in London, I might sound stupid but I ever knew that, I also thought it would of been LA.

Her house is actually really cool but in an understated way, if you drove past it, theres nothing special and compared to all the other houses in that area, like the mansions that Guy Ritchie and the Beckenhams own, its not really that big but still has a pretty nice price tag of £16.5 million for the 7,200 square meter house, with a 35ft swimming pool and a gym.

When you actually stop and look its got a funky 60’s vibe, from the number on the door to the door its self and the windows all of it has that art deco feel. I suppose Ive got to up my photo game a lot before ill be able to afford this place!

Heres some other pictures aswell include a child falling off a scooter and…

– the home of dusty springfeild –
– this house is sick –
– some tourists asked me for directions, just as the boy fell over so I missed the actual stack, i was literally on a tripod and everything it would have been perfect –
– who ever has a pink door and drives a purple porsche you are a legend and these people think so too –


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