B088 – Back in sunny London

theres no better wake up call and to be reminded that your back in london than english rain, its the “I dont need a jacket today” attitude that catches you out the most and the sudden down pour that seems to last a few hours but long enough for you to be sat at your desk with wet jeans for the whole day! but I suppose I cant complain because I saw a guy standing in the que for the sainsburys check out with a metro news paper still balanced on his head to protect him for the sudden down pours that happen inside Sainsburys every now and again, it doesnt sound that funny as I write this, but if you were there…

Any way heres my snaps from today. I’m trying a few new things out, to see what works, what does work, changing the format, adding a watermark trying to work on finding a nice typography that I can use consistently and mainly the style of my photos, what I focus on when i’m in London and what I focus on when Im in new countries. so please let me know what you like and what you think is absolutely crap.

– this is kind of a smart / cheap way of advertising  – 
– its like the old people are walking towards the light – 
– I found palm trees in tower hamlets, its almost like being on holiday – 

5 thoughts on “B088 – Back in sunny London”

  1. Sunny London. I was there June 10-19 and it was sunny and actually hot! I would never have thought I needed a sun hat and sunscreen for London! Enjoyed your photos!


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