So today I started a new job as an Assistant Producer on a new TV show over in Victoria, so with that and the fact I cant walk, I will do my best to keep this all interesting. So First up, yesterday, I took the wrong train home, which proved detrimental to my pizza & sofa evening. it really dug into my night, but you just gotta keep on hoppin.

Heres a snap, of my Hopping adventure after work but firstly heres two snaps of my grumpiest friend, he’s only really happy when he’s moaning about something or talking about chelsea but everyone needs a friend like that. so cheers ben, your the best grumpy friend I have.

Ladies, let me introduce you to Ben “Swipe Right” Delany.

– its like ying and yang –
– this is ben’s happy face –
– this is a quick snap from my adventure home, after realising i’m in the wrong place  –


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